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Growth Story of Dell

Growth Story of Dell
Innovative Brands have been motivating consumers emotionally thus brands have become almost personified. MBA aspirants are expected to know the success story of brands. 
This general awareness article on a growth story of ‘Dell’ might help you in some topics of WAT/Essay/GD and PI also.
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When computer market was all about HP, Dell emerged as a company with innovation and style. Since its launch in 1984 by Michael Dell, this American Multinational company has been pleasing customers with its powerful technology. Today Dell stands at second position after HP and has a market share of 11% in India. 
Dell has wide range of products like personal computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones etc. Dell has always been customer centric and therefore its product focus on needs of customers in terms of both user-friendly technology and affordability. Dell is one of the most popular computer brands in the world. It has huge market share in India and China. 
After US, Dell India is the second biggest center with 13,000 employees. The company’s global presence gives it an innovation edge over its competitors.  The very reason that Dell is leading the PC market is that it has always put its customer’s first. The company has analyzed the needs and demands of its customers and presented technology to meet the same.  
Dell rides on three notions of customer satisfaction, team satisfaction and community satisfaction. Pre 2007, the company’s biggest strength was to reach customer directly that would save cost of selling and increase net income but to reach its customers even better, the company moved to large retailers who can use their scale and scope to reach the customers post 2007. 
Dell has always been customer centric and the brand strategy that made this company successful involves various aspects like:
• Product Features: The Company has always analyzed the current technology needs of its customers and customized its products accordingly. With customers being more aware and knowledgeable there was a demand of high performance PCs for which the company’s products came up as a solution.
• Global presence: Due to Dell’s global presence it has presented itself as a reliable company that offers durable products and latest technology all over the world. The company has been serving various market segments of different countries that help them to understand their customers need even better than its competitors.  
• Price: Every customer looks for a product that meets his requirement of durability, technology and affordability. Dell has always put its customer needs first and therefore it offers latest technology, innovative styles at affordable price that attracts the customers the most.
• Reach: Dell has been very successful in reaching out its customers. Dell’s effective channel of selling ensures customer convenience and sales volume. Also customer support features like the on time delivery and guaranteed next day on-site service helped the company to win trust and loyalty of its customers.
• Advertising: The advertisement of Dell also clearly voiced its mission of customer satisfaction to its audience. With ad campaigns with tag line ‘Power to Do More’ increased overall brand health.
• Social Responsibility: Apart from its mission of satisfying customers, the company has been actively involved in various corporate citizenship initiatives that have helped the brand to present an image of socially responsible corporate.
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