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Lightening Market in India

Lightening Market in India
Dreaming for bright career is the first priority of a young student and rightly so; you have taken a right decision to do MBA but you are expected to know and understand or at least have some idea of different markets.
This general awareness article on Lightening market in India will help you in WAT/Essay/GD and PI also.
Looking at the industry in India that has been taking place it seems that Lightning industry India has shown a considerable improvement besides it has also been proved as one of the best service providing field that a customer enjoys at a great deal. Looking at the success rate which this industry has been making yup these days, it seems that more growth is expected in the coming few years.
There has been tremendous development with regards to the lighting fixtures production and consumption. The lighting industry in India has become advanced form past few years. The Indian lighting industry is growing at nearly 17-18% per annum. There have been the right distribution channels and prices in the Indian lighting industry that are provided. The share markets and the sales are that play role in major lighting fixtures companies of India. The lighting industry in India is divided in different fixtures like commercial, residential, industrial lighting and outdoor lightning. It is also divided by source of light like LED, fluorescence and fiber optics
Know the features
• The lighting industry deals in both exports and imports by segments of lightening
• The industry has been providing the customers with the best of these services at a great value
• There are Indian lighting which is being highlighted such as exhibitions, trade associations and magazines. 
• There are nearly 150 plus addresses of manufacturers of lighting fixtures who are part of this industry in India
• The company has been introducing many different advantageous predicts such as outdoor, indoor lighting, commercial, decorative, technical, transitional, projectors lighting at great value.
Some concerns are associated too
Lighting industry in India commonly faces some rough weather on project sales. The industry faced a tough time to project the sales as they half expected. It was a challenge for the industry to offer the consumer a reasonable growth. LEDs are expected to be the next choice due to sustainable solutions in lighting. As the trend of LED is going to rule the market, it seems that more stress is given on the particular product which proves out to be a burden. 
All incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps which ruled one day would soon be fading away in the Indian lighting industry as the approach is made towards LED. Lighting the percentage of home buyers for LEDs in India is not as high as it was expected earlier. There is a fall in the demand for FTL lights segment when the demand for the CFL high wattage lights increased.
Although lighting industry has done tremendous improvement but it seems that company is still facing up some troubleshooting issues with regards to balancing the price and introducing the new products in the market, in Indian market as compared to the other counters, the response here for any new product is quite slow at the aging. Due to which the expected profit from LED is not much received by the country as it was expected. Thus has got the company in the critical situation for certain amount of loss that is being faced.
 General Awareness
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