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Lux - A success story

Lux - A success story
Dreaming for bright career is the first priority of a young student and rightly so; you have taken a right decision to do MBA but you are expected to know and understand or at least have some idea of Brands.
This general awareness article on success story of ‘Lux’ will help you in WAT/Essay/GD and PI also.
Read:  Lux -  A success story 
Lux beauty soap is a brand of Unilever and is among the most popular soaps globally. The ranges of products that fall under the brand Lux include beauty soaps, shower gels, hair shampoos and conditioner and other bath additives. 
Lux was launched in 1925, it became the first mass market toilet soap in the world. The soap is used by 34% of households across the globe. Lux has the 5th highest number of Consumer Reach Points in Asia which is way ahead of its competitor soap, Dove.  The brand has managed to sustain and be ahead of its competitors by reinventing its product time to time with changing consumer needs. 
Also the strong positioning, marketing and advertising has helped Lux to maintain its position at the top. The soap has managed to get a glamorous feel attached to it as the company roped in superstars to endorse their product and make it premium soap even though it is not so expensive. 
How Lux became the choice of millions?
• Lux has always targeted the concept and not a particular gender. The concept is to present soap to consumer that smells nice, enhances beauty and give you a glamorous feeling. The soap advertisement has also roped in celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan for its advertisements in India.
• The soap has positioned itself as the ‘soap of superstars’ which attracted its market. But with time the product shifted its positioning from ‘soap of superstars’ to ‘need for becoming a superstar’ and also the tag line became ‘bring out the star in you’. 
• Lux has divided itself into two categories of Lux beauty soap and International Lux. Both affordable but targeted market with different appeals. 
• Lux has essentially focused on beauty, glamour and stardom over the years. The pleasant fragrance, colorful packaging and beauty enhancing ingredients etc. have contributed to the success of the brand.
Celebrity Endorsements:
The soap has managed to rope in the top celebrities to endorse its rand and let audience believe that the soap is essential for getting as beautiful as stars. The Indian celebrities that have endorsed the brand so far include Leela Chitnis,Madhubala,Nargis,Meena Kumari,Mala Sinha,Sharmila Tagore,Waheeda Rehman,Saira Banu,Hema Malini,Zeenat Aman,Juhi Chawala,Madhuri Dixit,Tabu,Shri Devi,Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bacchan.
Although the brand is endorsed by celebrities the packaging displays picture of international models. The brand plays strongly on celebrity endorsements.
Latest On Lux:
A successful re launch in 2012, supported by strong advertising, highlighted the improvements Lux had made in product quality and the use of fine fragrances, responding to growing consumer sophistication and the search for value. The brand’s 10% decline in Consumer Reach Points is mainly due to drops in China, Brazil and Thailand. In Brazil and Thailand an increasing number of consumers are moving to liquid soap – a segment in which Lux is under-performing.
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