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General Awareness Topic: Power Grid: What makes it an important part of today's life?

What makes it an important part of today's life?
During peak summer tempers go high due to intermittent power cuts and we keep on hearing news on Power grid. This General awareness topic on “Power grid: What makes it an important part of today’s life?” will help you to understand the problem and possible solutions:
The use of electricity has become a common need for which it is equally important to save more energy and generate better one at a good rate. However, it is equally true that most of the people have no clue how to utilize it in a right manner. Due to which the current scenarios are leading the human life more words the struggle even to avail the basic necessities for the routine.
Talking about energy and electricity, power grid is one such important product about which we are going to learn today. This product is not only friendly but has got so many advantages. Utilizing the advantage sin aright way and avoiding the drawbacks easily would certainly allow you understand the best usability if the product.
What is power Grid?
The Indian Power system for planning and operational purposes is divided into five regional grids. The integration of regional grids, and thereby establishment of National Grid, was conceptualized in early nineties.
There are pretty huge extension cables are attached which supplies the electrical power. It is generally divided to the region all day long. However, in case the technology comes across any kind of issues, there could be a power failure then. Also known as electrical grid, this product comes with interconnected network. This network allows delivering the electricity though high-voltage transmission lines. These lines have the ability to hold the power even from the distant sources. The product has got so many great features which may vary depending in the requirement of the region.
As on 31st May 2014, Power Grid owns and operates more than 1,08,128 Ckt. kms network of transmission lines,2,06,953 MVA transformation capacity and 185 nos. substations that constitutes most of India’s interstate and inter-regional electric power transmission system and carries electric power across India. Total Inter-regional power transfer capacity is 38,550 MW.
General Awareness Topic
Advantages of power Grid
The benefits of such power Grid are huge, and include:
• It offers better reliability for the fact that as a user you get good power quality with the better customer choice that too at cost friendly value.
• Other than reliability it also offers grid assets that reduces the grid congestion and bottlenecks
• Thanks to such smart grid, you will not have to rely much on the auxiliary power plants as the electricity utility can easily get the power from solar instillations with increased usage of air conditioners
• The reliability has increased more on other technologies that are also the type of power grid such as energy and wind energy due to which there are less carbon emissions and hardly any kind of pollution.
• As the product comes with the more robust to withstand accidents, it is highly flexible and offers some of the best services like not much wastage as it could be used only when needed.
Looking at the above mentioned advantages, certainly it is one smart way to get electricity which allows businesses and homes to release the surplus electricity. However, there are many reason of grid failures for which you need to be equally careful such as sudden change in climate, weather phenomenon, suppliers drawing excessive power, failure of the equipment and many more.
If proper care is taken and if the best possible usage made in the right manner then chances are high that the user of such gird can be done for pretty long time that too at ease. Now that you have got a better idea about it, it is better if the proper usage of such product is done and maintenance is equally followed.
 General Awareness
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