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Power imbroglio in India

Power imbroglio in India
Come summer and we face power cuts. But how come government also sleeps over the matter and wakes up when failures impact common man miserably? We are in complete mess on power sector. This General awareness topic on “Power Imbroglio in India” will help you to understand the problem and possible solutions:  
India is among the fastest growing economies in the world and is also believed to even get ahead of developed countries like Unites States of America in future. Although the analyst might say so with full confidence but for common people it is hard to picture India as developed country any soon with basic yet major problems like sufficient power not being controlled.  
India is in a complete state of power imbroglio where power cuts, insufficient voltage supply and areas where electricity is still awaited persist. The problem is getting deeper with times as we are not being able to find a proper solution to it and moreover apart from shortage of sources, the whole political environment of states also is the reason behind the power imbroglio in various parts of our country.
Recent reports of on power failure in different states owing to various reasons:
• Areas like Ghaziabad, Noida and greater Noida are experiencing frequent power cuts of at least 2-3 hours at a stretch with onset of summer season.
• Six-hours of power outages were reported on Sunday from the areas of Gaziabad like Vaishali, Kaushambhi and Indirapuram. The electricity department told that the maintenance work on 33/11kV substation was the reason behind it.
• It is also reported that there has been a drastic increases in power cuts after the Lok Sabha elections in Gautam Budh Nagar and Ghaziabad held on 10th April, 2014.
• In May 2013, extensive power cut in Delhi left people agitated and the extreme weather conditions also contributed to already unmanageable situation.
• The major power failure that became the talk of not only the town but of the world was in July, 2012 when two sever blackouts affected over 620 million people. The power failure spread across 22 states in Northern, Eastern and Northeast India. It became the largest power outage in history. The reason behind the massive power outage was the failure of northern power grid which resulted into shortage of 32GW power supply. 
Reasons behind Power failures in India:
• Shortage of coal
• Lack of political willingness to utilize the current coal mines effectively
• Lack of political willingness on increasing the efficiency of aging thermal power plants.
• Constantly depending on exported coal as the coal produced in India does not meet the rising demand.
• Apart from generating electricity India needs to look on the effective supply of it also. India has not invested as required for revamping its high tension transmission cables which leads to electricity thefts and considerable loss during transmission of electricity.
What can be the possible solutions of power imbroglio in India?
• Restricting dependence on single source of electricity like thermal power plants. 
• Building small power plants within the communities and this can be easily done by moving towards more natural way of generating electricity that is through solar panels. 
• The commercial and residential buildings have roof tops that are fully utilized. They can be easily transformed into power houses by installing solar panels. If everyone will have their own power sources the problem will automatically resolve. 
• Government should approve of user and investor friendly policy on solar roof-top energy generation. 
 General Awareness
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