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Role and Impact of Analysis on us By IMD

Role and Impact of Analysis on us By IMD

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Analysis on us By IMD
Come summer and we look forward to rains. El –Nino effect this year might impact resulting with drought in parts of our country whereas other areas may get floods. This is an area which IMD cautions before hand and human lives are saved. 
This General awareness article on Role and impact of analysis on us by IMD will sensitize you with reality: 
Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, these days it has become much safer and secure to product the weather and plan up the day accordingly. Say whether it is the bad yet heavy rain that are heading up for the day or you are going to have hot airy blowing winds today, you certainly get an idea about the weather with some of the amazing weather forecasting services. IMD is one such department that strives hard to alerts with regular weather updates
What is IMD?
IMD (India Meteorological Department) also said as the Met Department is one of the popular Earth Sciences Ministry agencies of the Indian government. The focus of such agency is to observe the meteorological changes that have been taking place and also work on the seismology and weather forecasting. It’s headquarter is located in New Delhi however, there are many observation stations that are located across Antarctica and India. It was the first bureau of a developing country that has its own satellite system.
Role and Impact of Analysis on us By IMD
Role of IMD
As said IMD is one of the popular agencies that help in weather forecasting. However, it is considered as one among the 6 Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers that perform following roles:
• It helps to judge the weather for further and whether it is actually in control or not
• It names and distributes the warnings for cyclones in the Indian Ocean Northern region
• It covers up the Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal and, Arabian Sea to observe the forecasting.
• It communicates and observes different weather issues and thus offers the best of the services.
• Together with Indian Space Research Organization, this agency then uses the IRS series for weather monitoring.
Is it always accurate?
Every technology made by human doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be perfect. There can be some pros and cons in each product. Talking about IMD, yes, there can be certain issues like temperature, ocean currents, and even air pressure that may affect the accuracy of the forecasting. The reason could be anything, but yes, if there is enormous quantity of interacting variables, then understanding of the science would certainly get affected. Though there is a powerful computer model that focuses on improving the ability to make the forecasting more appropriate, but it is equally true, that change is nature in a bad way can affect the prediction sometimes though it is a pretty rare situation.
Hope and future benefits to agriculture 
It plays a major role during the cropping season and if the technology improves further, it would offer better advancement to farmer in activating and organizing their own resource and thus reap out the advantages. The famers can use the best natural resources and thus improve the agricultural production in quality and quantity wise.  It helps the farm to adapt the agricultural system to increased weather variability and thus stabilize their yields through management of agro-climatic resources. It also allows the farmers to focus on other agriculture resources like fertilizers and pesticides in much better way. Certainly, looking at the further advantages, IMD holds a great importance in today’s world.
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