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Smart Phones Era Has Raised New Aspirations

Smart Phones Era Has Raised New Aspirations
Communication industry has been doing wonders at present. It is youth who has been biggest beneficiary of this phenomenon. 
This general awareness article on Smart Phones Era has raised new aspirations
 Will help you in WAT/Essay/GD and PI also.
With the passage of time and advancement in technology, everything has become easier, smarter and faster. So are the mobile phones. In the 21st century, phones have become smart with various features in it. Be it the ease of accessing Internet or playing games, all has become easy with the newer Smart phones which enable all modern applications that are beyond your imagination. 
With the launch of Apple’s iPhone, the market of smart phones increased becoming an integral part of lives. These devices have significantly changed our world. Users of these smart phones spend 65 percent of their time on it.
The smart phones offer a wide range of applications like video calls, controlled music, solution to everyday situations, caller id facilities and a ton other features.  The smart phones are not only loved because of its ease to use and carry but also because it has also several good operating systems installed in it. 
Not only these phones are used for communication purposes, but they are also for entertainment, playing games and social media. Thus there is a consistent growth in the smart phone usage as it provides constant connection with media applications and entertainment. 
The major impact of these smart phones can be seen on the replacements of the computers. The computer has almost vanished from the lives of people as these smart phones provide almost all the facilities which a computer does and in future time there would be phones  with similar size displays and even the processing would be much more advanced. 
There are applications in the smart phones which handle photographic effects and process fine images and with time Adobe Photoshop would be available in the phones. These smart phones are easily connected with other phones through Bluetooth and WiFi and you can easily transfer your favorite applications. Even in further time the phones can be linked together to form a cluster. 
The gaming facilities have increased a lot with lots of modern games including features like high-resolution graphics, realistic sound and multiplayer. The phones are having sufficient memories with lots of applications in it.
These apps have make the users feel so comfortable in texting, surfing the Internet, mailing and connecting with social media that prefer using it time to time. The music systems and digital cameras are also outdated as these phones provide all these facility with the highest quality. Other new features in these phones are that it is water resistant, heart rate sensors, health app showing your fitness, bigger screens, ultra power saving mode and super-fast processor.
The era of smart phones has begun and there are future prospects of the same. These phones have personalized consumer experience radically everywhere. It has raised new aspirations for the companies to do more and the individuals wanting more. Companies dealing in this section should understand the wave of these phones and should provide customers with their needs. Better designed online spaces, search by image and gesture and other useful applications should be updated time to time. Marketing should also be of highest quality and structured with collaborations.
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