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How to check overconfidence for Grammar

English Grammar, How to check overconfidence for Grammar

Acquisition of language comprises various components, grammar being one of the most important aspects. It would not be wrong to say that a language rests on its grammar, which forms the contours within which the language functions. Grammar comprises the rules and principles of the building blocks of a language such as articles, determiners, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, gerunds and so on. Clearly, the vastness of grammar makes it difficult to grasp and memorise and thus, it tests the very best on occasions. 

1. Be a student

Arrogance and lack of humility have led to the downfall of many. It is better to consider oneself as a student who is desperate to learn and uses his/ her lack of knowledge as an inspiration to improve. Grammar is something that requires the approach of a student, who is willing to work with vigour, absorbing the details that are a part of grammar.

2. Regular practise

Grammar requires regular practise. It’s not one of those subjects that can be memorised once and stays with you forever. An overconfident person will commit this folly and pay the price.It requires consistent practise, application of mind and understanding. Revising the various grammar topics is the only way to master them. Even after mastering, a person is liable to make errors as it involves a lot of detail and a lot of rules. So, to be overconfident and think that you know everything about grammar and hence, the language, is a grave error and will only hurt you.

3. Keep an open mind

It is not necessary that you know everything about grammar. Keep your ego aside, and keep your mind always open. This will enable you to accept your shortcomings and accept corrections. Also, knowledge can be acquired from different sources, so, keeping an open mind will help you to be ready for new knowledge or alter your existing knowledge. An overconfident person will dismiss any change to his/her existing knowledge because he/ she will be under the false impression that they know all.


4. Refer to quality sources

You may know the rules of grammar and may even be good at the language. However, to keep your mind updated on the changing aspect of grammar, you should keep referring to quality and credible sources, such as, books, websites, journals and so on. As language is dynamic in nature, you, too, need to be dynamic and adapt. An overconfident person will close all windows and live in his/ her own world.

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