Why are you tested with RC in CAT?

RC in CAT | Reading Comprehension RC, Free CAT RC Practice

In CAT 2021 RC will remain crucial component of the exam. It is advisable not only to understand RC but to practice too on RC.CAT RC Practice is very important in order to crack CAT 2021.

Let's understand why RC in CAT ?

Verbal ability is a section found in nearly all competitive exams, especially in MBA entrances. It forms an important testing parameter to judge a person’s verbal aptitude, comprising language skills. Within the Verbal Ability (VA) section, the reading comprehension presents a big hurdle for the candidates, as it tests the language skills of the candidates, in particular, reading, comprehension and grammar.

Reading Comprehension poses a formidable challenge for the candidates in an MBA entrance exam such as CAT. Since it is a time bound exam, the pressure to read the passage and attempt all the questions as quickly as possible proves quite a task for candidates, especially those who have weak reading and comprehension skills.

1. Reading skills

The first thing that the Reading Comprehension section tests is a candidate’s reading skills. To say that for any domain, be it business or service, reading forms one of the basic requirements of the job, is to state the obvious. Reading is the most essential skill that everyone should possess. RC in CAT tests how accurately the candidate can read the given passage. The passages can range from easy to difficult but the level of difficulty depends on the reading skills of the candidate. A candidate with a good command on English will be able to read quickly and make sense of the passage. 

2. Comprehension skills

After having read the passage, the next step is to understand what the passage is talking about. RCs test a candidate’s comprehension skills, the ability to make sense or derive meaning from the passage. A decent comprehension of the passage will enable the candidate to successfully attempt the given questions, without wasting too much time. Comprehension skills play a crucial role in the business world, as meaning making and deriving the correct inferences forms the backbone of a successful business.

3. Language skills

RCs also test a candidate’s language skills. A candidate will find it difficult to make sense of what he reads and will not be able to go ahead, if he/ she does not possess sound language skills. Here, grammar and vocabulary become the main focus areas. A candidate, who is good in both these areas, such as, synonyms, antonyms, basic grammar components, will find the going easy. 

4. Time management

The last aspect that RCs test is time management. Time management is the key, as far as, distributing time to passages is concerned. Time is at a premium as the more time you spend on RC, the less time you will get for other sections. A passage is to be done within 8-12 minutes. There is intense competition for limited seats, hence, time management becomes the key. This is reflected in the outer world too, where time management is considered to be a crucial skill.

Reading Comprehension is a test of verbal ability. A candidate is expected to be good in the language and possess good reading and comprehension abilities, which are important elements of the world outside.

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