The best strategy to crack IBSAT 2022 – SEVEN Sides, SEVEN Steps

IBSAT Result Date: 29th December 2022

The best strategy to crack IBSAT 2022 – SEVEN Sides, SEVEN Steps

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Any MBA competitive exam needs a carefully curated strategy explicitly designed to crack that exam. The ICFAI Business School Aptitude test is no exception. Before we start, let's revise these SEVEN sides of the IBSAT exam:

Seven sides of IBSAT

  1. There will be four sections and 140 questions.
  2. The exam will test you on your language, reasoning, comprehension, and quant skills.
  3. The sectional break-up is –
    1. Verbal Ability – 50 Q
    2. Reading Comprehension – 30 Q
    3. Quantitative Aptitude – 30 Q
    4. Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation – 30 Q
  4. Each question is one mark.
  5. There is NO negative marking.
  6. There is no sectional time limit or sectional cutoff.
  7. The total duration is 120 minutes.

The above information is critical while formulating your strategy. Here is SEVEN step strategy to crack the IBSAT exam:

Seven Step Strategy

  1. Go through the IBSAT 2022 exam syllabus and mark your strong and weak areas. Focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
  2. Dedicate 60 minutes daily to learn/ go-through vocabulary words and grammar exercises. Barron's word list covers everything.
  3. Allocate 15 minutes for RC and do one passage every alternate day. Time yourself while doing it and analyze the errors/mistakes you make. 
  4. Revise all quant concepts for topics under arithmetic, progressions, modern math and number system, logical and critical reasoning, DI, and DA topics. Devise shortcuts for solving specific questions.
  5. Write sectional mocks for QA, DA, and DI sections and then graduate to full-length mocks tests. IBS releases full-length mocks every year. This year aspirants can write the IBSAT National Mock Test and win exciting cash prizes. Students must register and take the test between October to November 2022.
  6. IBSAT exam is a race against time. There are 140 questions in 120 minutes, so speed is of the essence. Set a personal timer. Consistent practice and a pre-decided order in which you will attempt the exam are crucial aspects of your strategy. When you write mocks, make sure you try out different approaches to develop the best version.
  7. If you get stuck, make an educated guess since there is no mark to lose. However, guess-work should be the last option. If you enter the exam hall with a pre-set notion that I will guess whenever needed, you might end up performing poorly. So, work on making educated guess only when required.

The IBSAT 2022 exam will be held over two days and four slots. The exam dates December 2022. The last date for applying is December 2022. Click here to apply now.

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