Important Tips for cracking exam

Important Tips for cracking exam

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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IIFT 2023 will be held in December 2022 for admissions to the academic years 2023-25. Aspirants need to strategize as per their strengths and weaknesses for cracking this exam. 

Few Important Tips For Cracking The Exam

Brush up your GK

This is one of the main differences between IIFT and other MBA entrance exams. The General Knowledge & Awareness section is the deal-breaker here. You should not wait until the last moment to start preparing for this section.

If you had been preparing for IIFT for the last few months & had been going through the newspapers (especially the business & economy sections) that would be more than enough. 

If you have not been doing that, do not despair. You can always rely on a good yearbook. The number of questions in this section varies from year to year, but you can safely expect at least 15-20 questions in this section.

Work on your Speed

The number of questions in the IIFT exam hovers around 120-135. Speed, therefore, is very vital. The quantitative section of IIFT is considered to be one of the toughest.

But you’d come across some really easy questions too, which will be the real clinchers. For this, you will again need to work on your speed, so that you can easily maneuver through the question paper and manage to reach & spot these easy questions.

Expand your Vocabulary

The exam’s English Comprehension section usually has a lot of questions that will test your vocabulary, so, you would need to work on that.

You could use “flashcards” with words & their meanings and keep memorizing sets of 10 cards every day. You should also know how these new words are supposed to be used in a sentence. 

For this, you need to read a lot. Nothing works like reading to improve your vocabulary as well as sentence-formation skills.

Get your basics right

If you have got your basics right & foundation strong, cracking IIFT would be a cakewalk. Just keep in mind that in order to crack a 2-hour long paper that would consist of around 120-135 questions, your speed, accuracy & choice of questions is what would matter the most.

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