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Published : Tuesday, 18 November, 2014 12:45 PM
The student resistance in the streets of Prague against Nazi occupation inspired the establishment of an anti-Nazi students coalition, and this day is remembered as the International Students Day world over.IIM Raipur commemorated the event by conducting a panel discussion on ‘Sikshit Bharat, Saksham Bharat’ at its campus in Sejbahar, Raipur.
Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director IIM Raipur, who inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp, shared his thoughts on the importance of quality education for all. Calling the student body one of the most powerful unions in the world he urged the students take pride in being a members of such a strong community. Citing the example of the 1975 JP movement that overthrew the government he described the significance of the student body. “Faculty and students are the two most important aspects of the institute .To build a world class institute it is essential to have world class faculty as well as world class students.”He advised the students to “Dream Big and Think Big.” He concluded by asking the students to prepare a report on the panel discussion, that contained the major suggestions so that it could be shared with the ministry.
Earlier Prof. Satyasiba Das, Chairperson International Relations, IIM Raipur threw some light on the topic “Internationalization of education”. He explained how the philosophy of education is comparable to the manufacturing process. “If education is considered as a manufacturing process, then the students are the finished products. However we should take care to ensure that the convocation date is not the expiry date”, he sai
Zoe Martin, an international exchange student (from France) at IIM Raipur says “We cannot forget the student activists that fought for education in the past. Student and their rights as well as the access to education should never be taken for granted. IIM Raipur’s initiative to observe International Students Day is commendable.”
This was followed by a panel discussion on the topic "Shikshit Bharat, Saksham Bharat" corresponding to the theme of “Quality Education for all”. The panel touched upon various topics and came up with suggestions such as – having a common curriculum across the country, IT enabled learning, vocational education to be introduced at school level, optimum utilization of funds and focus on quality education. The panel also suggested for the promotion of the “Teach for India” campaign. They also emphasized on the need to have the technical education under the purview of the central government and the cultural education under the purview of the State government in order to maintain the uniformity.
The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Prof. Ashish Garg, Professor, IIM Raipur.
Views of the Students are attached below:
IIM Raipur
India is emerging as one of the least expensive country for international students, making it the most sought after international destination for cross cultural exposure.
- Charles Eric Allard
International Exchange student, IIM Raipur
IIM Raipur
The government should leverage upon the possibilities of IT to enhance the quality of education through IT-enable Learning at schools and Massive Open Online Courses in the line of NPTEL, but expanding it to Arts, Science and Commerce subjects too.
- Jaysun A K
PGP 14-16 ,IIM Raipur
IIM Raipur
Technical education should be under the preview of central government and to keep the cultural integrity intact, literature should be kept under the preview of the state government.
- Nirupama Singh
PGP 14-16 ,IIM Raipur
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