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L to R K.K.Sarda Chairman and MD  Sarda Energies and Minerals Ltd, Prof B.S. Sahay
Published : Tuesday, 01 July, 2014 11:25 AM
The fourth day of the Orientation Programme for the students of Post Graduate Programme in Management (5th Batch) and Fellow Programme in Management (3nd Batch) at IIM Raipur witnessed prominent speakers from various domains of the corporate world. 
The day started with a session by Prof. Sanjeev Prashar, Chairman Placement, IIM Raipuron ‘Expectations of the corporate from the budding managers.’ He discussed the minute details of the corporate culture and traits of a good manager desired of the students. This session was followed by another interactive session on ‘Managing Self’ by Prof. UmeshBamel, IIM Raipur. 
The guest for the subsequent session was Mr.Ashank Desai, Founder, Mastek Limited. He congratulated the students of the new batch for becoming a part of IIM fraternity. “The society is still not open to ideas of entrepreneurship and someone who chooses that path has to have lot courage. Everyone has a threshold. You needn’t be good at everything. Pick your areas of interest and master them.” he said to the budding managers. He emphasized on inculcating high moral values as they are the foundation of a noble life.The highlight of his address was 3 H’s namely - Heart, Head and Hands. Heart symbolizes values, head symbolizes intellect and hands tell about the ability to work.‘We should take our decisions by effectively using these 3 H’s’, he said. 
The next session was based on ‘The Contemporary Management Education’ and it was conducted by Prof. Satyasiba Das, IIM Raipur. The discussion revolved around the relevance of the managerial education in the changing scenario of the business world. 
Mr. VimalChawda, Chairman and MD, VNR Seeds, took a session with the students on ‘Addressing challenges in Business.’ He advised the students to make a thorough study before beginning any new venture. He stressed upon the four major challenges that he faced as an entrepreneur which were acquisition of land, getting the right labour, procurement of capital, and adequate knowledge about the field. He mentioned that farming can also be considered as an occupation for a B-School graduate. Given the huge dependence of our country on farming, this was a very relevant suggestion. 
The valedictory address was given by Mr. K.K. Sarda, Chairman and MD, Sarda Energy and Minerals Limited. Prof. B.S. Sahay- Director, IIM Raipur welcomed him. “There is no shortcut to the success, work hard and commit yourself to the future of the nation.” he said. He urged the students to translate your dreams into actions.
Mr. K.K. Sarda’s address was centred on quality, commitment and ethics. He said that adverse situations will come, but with our will power we can overcome them and realize our dreams. “Adversity is not a challenge, it’s an opportunity.If your soul controls your mind, your life would be better. Believe in yourself and act on your instincts. ” he said.  He advised the budding managers to develop trust among their team members and encouraged the students to lead a value driven life rather than running aftermaterialistic gains.
Prof. PRS Sarma, Chairman – PGP, delivered the vote of thanks. The four days of orientation provided valuable insights to the students to prepare them on the onset of a competitive journey in the field of management. 
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