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Published : Monday, 17 November, 2014 02:30 PM
IIM Raipur will be observing the International Students’ Day on 17th of November as an international observance of student activism. The day of 17th November has a long history of student protests, and uprisings for a better education, equal rights and democracy. On this occasion Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director IIM Raipur will share his thoughts on the importance of quality education for all .This will be followed by Prof. Satyasiba Das, Chariperson International Relations, IIM Raipur throwing light on the topic “Internationalization of education”
It all began during the late 1939, when the Nazi occupants in Czechoslovakia, in Prague, repressed a demonstration held by students of the Medical Faculty of the Charles University. The protest march was held to venerate the creation of an independent Czechoslovak Republic.
This demonstration resulted in the death of Jan Opletal, a medical student, on 15th November, 1939. His funeral procession was attended by thousands of students, who turned this event to yet another anti–Nazi demonstration. This however resulted in drastic suppression measures being taken by the Nazis. On the fateful day of November 17th 1939 the Nazis stormed the dormitories of the University in Prague. All Czech higher education institutions were closed down; more than 1200 students were arrested and sent to concentration camps; and what can be called as one of the most gruesome crime of all: nine students/professors were executed without trial on the 17th of November. Students from all Europe fled to London and there the International Students Council, in accordance with the allies, declared 17 November as the 'International Students Day' and the tradition has been kept up by the successor International Union of Students.
On this same day, of the subsequent years, similar events of uproar and protest by the students took place. The Athens Polytechnic uprising in 1973 was a massive demonstration protesting against the Regime of Colonels that was in command at the time. The uprising which began on November 14, 1973, escalated to an open anti-junta revolt and ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 killing and injuring thousands of students. The Velvet Revolution – Prague on 17th November 1989. 
Zoe Martin, an international exchange student (from France) at IIM Raipur says “We cannot forget the student activists that fought for education in the past. Student and their rights as well as the access to education should never be taken for granted. IIM Raipur’s initiative to observe International Students Day is commendable. “
IIM Raipur will observe this day not only as a day of commemoration but also as a day of action. A panel discussion on the topic "Shikshit Bharat, Saksham Bharat" corresponding to the theme of “Quality Education for All” will also be organized. The panel discussion will analyze the points that are essential for an educated, efficient and capable India.
The observance will end with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Ashish Garg, Professor, IIM Raipur.
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