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Published: Thursday, 6 April, 2017 01:30 PM

MBA is no more a ticket to job, if your skills are not updated

An MBA degree has conventionally been considered a guaranteed and secure way of getting a decent job. It is one course that has been in demand irrespective of the market conditions. Particularly, the demand for MBA increased post liberalisation and globalisation. As businesses looked to move beyond borders, they required trained managers and executives to take charge, and MBA became a sought after course.

Change in market environment

The world has changed drastically, ever since the phenomenon of globalisation became widespread. The growing interaction and dependence among people and businesses of various countries has had a definite impact on the kind of skill set required in the workforce to meet the new and unprecedented challenges. In the changed scenario, merely an MBA degree does not guarantee a job. Every business, now looks beyond the domain knowledge (which is fundamental), to skill sets that suit its requirement. For instance, a person pursuing MBA in Human Resource should not only possess domain knowledge but also possess good inter-personal skills, communication skills, keep himself/ herself updated about the latest trends in the HR Departments across the world, and so on. A person who shows this awareness will have a better chance of influencing employers.


Considering the intense competition for every single vacancy, the chances of people, who have something else to offer other than theoretical domain knowledge (that everyone is expected to have), become brighter than the others.

Required skills

Some of the skills, other than subject knowledge, which a company looks for these days, are as follows:

  • Interpersonal skills- Good soft skills are a necessity these days, with stress on body language, etiquettes, and communication skills. How one conducts oneself with the various stakeholders in a business has a defining impact.
  • Communication skills- Good command over the language, mainly English, has become an indispensable part of modern businesses, which rely heavily on networking. A person, who is able to express himself/ herself fluently and accurately gains a huge advantage over someone who cannot.
  • Critical thinking- Along with an MBA degree, a person needs to possess critical thinking skills. The ability to look at data critically, make the right inferences and decide accordingly is essential to the growth of any business.
  • Leadership skills- An MBA degree does not prove that the person possesses leadership skills. In today’s highly competitive world, managers and executives ought to have leadership skills and be equipped to take on the challenges themselves, as well as, inspire others to do the same.

Thus, merely doing an MBA does not guarantee a job in today’s world. A person has to continuously keep himself/ herself abreast with the changes happening in the world and stay ahead.

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