MBA pass outs must package themselves with employability skills

MBA Employability

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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MBA Employability MBA pass outs must package themselves with employability skills

Many MBA pass outs sometimes lack the necessary skills required to make a grand entrance into the corporate world. Pressure of the society, inadequacy in infrastructure, poor quality of training and sometimes low awareness is the major reasons for this. Researches and studies state the students who are MBA ready are not all necessarily job ready.

In other words it can be said that the education system in the country and the designs of various professional career courses are not generating employable candidates. A recent survey by the Tiss or the Tata Institute of Social Sciences showcase an alarming percentage of 10% fresh MBA graduates to be employable while 25% to be only ready to be employed.

MBA pass out individuals must give special attention and effort in packaging their own selves with employability skills even if the course curriculum does not cover it. Most industries in the service sector wants candidates who are job ready without much effort needed to be given in-house to train them up. Development of soft skills, attitude, confidence, business ethics, presentation, body language, general awareness, domain know how, basic managerial skills and vocabulary are some of the few ingredients for scoring well in the interview. 

Tips for MBA pass outs that make them more employable:
It is a true fact that a large number of MBAs are unable to find jobs as per their own expectations and aspirations. One must pay special attention to first detect what is required by the interface of the industries present. Once known develop a strong knowledge base in relevance to the respective industry. There are a number of ways one can do this. It is a major responsibility of the business school along with the individual himself to prepare them systematically for the selection process.

•    Resume standing out – One of the strong skills one must develop is to present their resume in the best possible way to the future employer. It is the first impression that is getting created when the interviewer reads it.  Care must be taken to reflect creativity and the learning’s of the candidate in well constructed words and sentences. 

•    Hands on training are needed- Not having work experience is another big reason why many times MBA pass outs are not considered to be employable. So just attending classes, lectures and studying will not suffice. It is recommended to go for hands on training while studying. Working on more than one project throughout the year will help candidates make a better resume for placements. 

•    Outdated curriculum- Employment issue has always existed in this world. The curriculum prevalent in the B-schools today is obsolete as the industry and the world is evolving.  Business schools, IIMs and universities fail to match up with the fast changing industrial practices and expectations. Once again it takes one back to the last recommended point to solve this and that is practical experience or work experience while studying.

So, these were the various ways by which one can package them to be at par with the corporate expectations. Everything is not possible to be taught inside a classroom. What the corporate world today looks for are MBAs who are executable in nature. The industry is evolving on a daily basis and hence one must have their eye open to pick up the right clues.

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