Anand Kumar Super 30

Anand Kumar Super 30

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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The finest educator and genius mathematician Mr. Anand Kumar of Super 30 has not only transformed underprivileged students to become fit enough to get admissions in IITs but he himself has won many accolades and his documentary was aired on discovery channel. Mr. Anand Kumar has delivered speeches at MIT and Harvard and during the speech audience was mesmerized to know the hard work which he has done for the transformation of the students.

The teacher Anand Kumar is not only Maths wizard but he teaches Physics also to the students and besides his all accomplishments, his greatest loss was that he couldn’t make to Cambridge University because of humble economic background. He won Rs. 25 lac at the famous show of KBC of Amitabh Bachhan and the entire money was spent on student activities.

Mr. Anand Kumar has been given many awards in India and abroad on education excellence which are befitting to Mr. Anand Kumar of Super 30.

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