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Mangu Singh

Mangu Singh
Reading success stories of great professionals stimulates motivational enzyme within us and we all wish to emulate them on our path of success. 
MBA Rendezvous is presenting you on every Saturday a motivational story of successful Professional. 
Read story of  Mangu Singh
Mangu Singh, the current managing director of Delhi Metro, took over the position from E. Sreedharan, upon his retirement on December 31, 2011.
Mangu Singh was born in Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh, and from a young age, he took a keen interest in science and mathematics. Even though Mangu Singh received his early education in a small town, where educational facilities and resources were inadequate, he never lost hope on the future.
 He dreamt big and worked hard to secure a place in one of the top universities in the country – University of Roorkee, now known as the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.
In 1979, Mangu Singh graduated with an outstanding academic performance from the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Roorkee, and later, received Master of Science in Sustainable Development.
It is true that success comes to those who work hard and are determined to achieve their goals. As a student, Mangu Singh developed an interest to join the government sector and serve the community. 
It was Mangu Singh’s determination to enhance the welfare of the Indian citizens that propelled him to take the Union Public Service Commission examination in 1981. After clearing the examination, Mangu Singh joined the Indian Railway Service of Engineers in 1983. 
During his tenure with the organisation, Mangu Singh held various positions in the following departments – planning, procurement, and operations. 
Between 1989 and 1996, Mangu Singh worked as the Deputy Chief Engineer at Kolkata Metro Railway, during which he not only contributed significantly to the implementation of the Kolkata Metro but also brought revolutionary changes in Metro engineering projects across the country, including Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.
In 1997, Mangu Singh joined the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation at its inception stage and has been playing a significant role in the development of the Delhi metro line ever since. 
Mangu Singh has also headed several projects of Delhi Metro, including the Clean Development Mechanism projects. For his great dedication and hard work in the successful implementation of the Kolkata Metro, Mangu Singh received the National Railway Week Award in 1996. 
In addition, he received the distinguished Alumni award at the Global Meet Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in 2007 for being a role model to graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. 
For his vast experience in the construction of underground structures, Mangu Singh was given the Engineer of the Year award in 2012 by the Indian Institution of Engineers and is considered one of the most experienced engineers in the country today.
Mangu Singh’s life story is not just an inspiration to all engineers but to people of all walks of life. Anyone can be successful in life if he puts his best foot forward. 
Although Mangu Singh was from a small town, he did not limit the scale of his dreams. Success comes to those who dare and are not afraid of challenges in life. 
Mangu Singh was involved in metro projects that were relatively new in the Indian context. Implementing something new is risky because one can never be sure of its returns and success rate. 
But one can never reap success until he tries. And this is an important lesson that all youngsters can learn from Mangu Singh.
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