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Rama Bijapurkar

Rama Bijapurkar

Published : Saturday, 06 June, 2015 10:38 AM

Reading success stories of great professionals stimulates motivational enzyme within us and we all wish to emulate them on our path of success.  

Exactly with this aim MBA Rendezvous is presenting you series of motivational stories of successful Professionals who have   carved a niche in their own way and have become icons of Management Fraternity.

Following above, read motivational story of  Rama Bijapurkar 

Though management and strategic marketing consulting are primarily and stereotypically considered to be men’s spheres of action, the career graph of Rama Bijapurkar proves otherwise. Touted as an eminent consultant as regards marketing strategies and consumer behaviour, Bijapurkar is also a prolific writer – since she has authored a couple of books on the subject – ranging from “We Are Like This Only”and  “A Never-Before World: Tracking the Evolution of Consumer India” to ‘Winning in the Indian Market”.Her books, despite having interesting, commonly familiar titles, are nothing short of extraordinary – because of the insights, researches and in-depth analyses that Bijapurkar has either read or carried out on her own, in the Indian economic scenario.
Bijapurkar obtained her Masters in Business Administration degree from IIM – Ahmedabad. This qualification enables her to gain a deep insight and profound knowledge about the fields of market research and strategic consulting. it also went a long way in helping her to become an independent director on the boards of RBL Bank, CRISIL, Axis Bank, Infosys and so on.
By studying the varying trends of the Indian market economy, Bijapurkar envisions to provide an understanding of the environment and the surroundings in which the Indian consumers dwell, their difference in tastes and opinions, their value systems and their gradual evolution. The monetary factor is not the sole determinant of the Indians’ expenditure anymore, other players have also entered the arena – such as the Indian consumers’ wishes, desires, hopes, thought processes, life styles, habits, social and political contexts and the digital impact. Though there is a shift towards modernity and adoption of new practices of lifestyle, expenditure and earnings, the average Indian is still to some extent rooted to his or her traditional background and tends to value it – this, in an important way, describes consumer behaviour.
Bijapurkar’s success story lies in the fact that she had deeply scrutinised and researched the particular aspects of the Indian economy, which are mostly overlooked by several organisation hoping to make a quick buck in the ever-expanding Indian consumer market. She studies the connectivity of the Indian towards the modern era and also to it ancient, conventional value systems.
Her life and her varied successes motivate us because she has carved a niche for herself in a predominantly ‘masculine’ field – that of business, economics and commerce. Her pragmatic concerns and surveys, as presented in her various books, offer a unique entry point into the country’s economy. Importantly, she does not view India’s market as it is stereotypically regarded – a schizophrenic, fragmented, divided world.

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