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Sudarshan Pattnaik

Sudarshan Pattnaik
Reading success stories of great professionals stimulates motivational enzyme within us and we all wish to emulate them on our path of success. 
MBA Rendezvous is presenting you on every Saturday a motivational story of successful Professional. 
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Sudarshan Pattnaik is an extra ordinary sand artist who has made India proud with his magnificent sand sculptures. Sudarshan Pattnaik is the first artist to introduce sand art in India and looking at his beautiful pieces of sands art it is hard to believe that he has not received any formal training and learned it all by himself. 
Born and bought up in Puri city of Orissa, he was inclined towards this form of art since childhood.  At the age of just seven years he was so dedicated towards learning and improving his sand art that he made hundreds of sand sculptures in the process. The result of his pure dedication is that he became the first and world-famous Indian sand artist with huge list of achievements and awards credited to his name. 
Sudarshan Pattnaik was born to a poor family and could not afford a proper education but because of his unique art of making sand his canvas and painting beautiful sculptures destiny dragged him to worldwide fame and money. 
Sudarshan Pattnaik
  His masterpiece creativity on sand by sand ……
His sculptures are focused majorly on current issues, public awareness, saving environment, religion, social issues, global issues, famous personalities and anything that motivates people for the good. He has also represented India in countries like UK, China, Japan, Holland, US, France, Italy and many more where his art has been applauded.

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The list of Sudarshan Pattnaik’s achievement is remarkable and endless too. Some of his most significant achievements both national and international are listed below:
• He was awarded Padma Shri by Government of India, the fourth highest civilian award in India, in 2014 for his contribution in sand arts
• He won People’s Choice Awards at the 1st Moscow International Sand Sculpture Championship held in Russia.
• He has made the tallest Santa Clause sand sculpture which was 15feet high and registered his name in world books. 
• His one of the most applauded sand sculpture is ‘The Black Taj Mahal’ sculpture which was appreciated round the world.
• He won gold medal as 1st prize in Russia at Saint Peters Burg in 12th International sand sculpture competition in 2013.
• In the year 2011 he won 1st prize as well as public prize at Denmark. He also won double medal at Solo International Sand art contest in Mervala in the year 2012.
• These are only few of his achievement from 50 international sand sculpture championships and festivals he has participated in help around the world.

Sudarshan Pattnaik aims at promoting and educating this unique seventh century art among youngsters and people with interest in sand art and therefore he has established ‘The Golden Sand Art Institute’ in his homeland Puri.

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