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The National Seminar on Sustainability of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Agriculture in India focuses to two critical pillars towards making farmers-producers, agriculture, rural communities and overall society sustainable in the long run. Sustainability of FPOs or producer collectives at the grass root community level and sustainability of agriculture at farmer and farm level shall be deliberated from the perspectives of Relationships, Institutions (formal and informal) and Community Governance. The deliberations in the above seminar is to understand the deep rooted challenges, hindrances and present lock-in problems in policies, practices and research; thereby find solutions and strategies to transit from the present unsustainable ways towards building sustainable agricultural production systems and sustainable producers’ collectives; generically called the FPOs in India for ensuring the wellbeing of the farmers and producers in agriculture and allied sectors.


This national seminar is a follow-up to eight rounds of national round table discussions and seminars on various aspects; rather dimensions of sustainability of community systems such as FPOs, sustainable agricultural system, community governance, institutions and relationships and a national conference covering all these issues over the last about two years. Community level action research on FPOs and Sustainable Agricultural System (SAS) and various national and district level surveys over the last ten years and decades of experiences of practitioners across the country have continuously informed these deliberations.   

The panelists, discussants and participants of the national seminar on sustainability of FPOs and sustainable agricultural system shall be senior academics from multiple disciplines; philosophy, sociology, management, economics, social work, and senior practitioners, senior policy executives, legislators, constitutional experts, spiritual leaders, social investors, young researchers and sustainability scholars.


In the present context of increasing realization that agriculture in general and Indian agriculture and farmers in particular are becoming unsustainable and policies such as loan waivers, subsidies and minimum support prices are not long term solutions, the above seminar based on deep diagnosis of the complex design and systemic problems provides long term sustainable, simple and low cost solutions from the Design and Systems Perspectives towards facilitating and building holistic and sustainable rural agricultural communities; the foundation for sustainable countries. The outputs of this seminar shall be shared with all concerned for effective policy, practice and research towards building sustainable community systems.          

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