Paradigm Shift in Academic through Participant Centred Learning and Adaption to Change

Paradigm Shift in Academic through Participant Centred Learning and Adaption to Change
Published : Wednesday, 15 October, 2014 02:55 PM
Achieving academic excellence and adapting to fast changing needs were the themes for the second day of the FDP program, organised by IIM Raipur under TEQIP-II. (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program). The day’s event centred around elaborate sessions by Prof. Satyasiba Das, Prof Vinita Sahay, Prof Sanjeev Prashar, and Prof Atri Sengupta of IIM Raipur. In the session by Prof. Satyasiba Das “Adapting to Fast Changing Needs”, Prof Dasdiscussed with the participants on the fast changing scenarios of education. Factors like Globalisation of Business and Social Interaction, skill gap and effectiveness of education, demographic and geographical factors, complexity of knowledge, emergence of e-learning and distance learning as few of the factors that is affecting current education system. Prof Das discussed that it is the time to shift the paradigm of education which is deeply rooted in industrial revolution and enlightenment culture to focus more on social reconstruction. He stressed that individual focused learning and change in curriculum is key aspect of this transformation. He suggested several methods and urged participants to adapt to the fast changing needs of the education system in connection with achieving academic excellence. 
Prof. Vinita Sahay, in her discussion stressed the need of student centric learning and thereby imparting quality education. She has encouraged all the participants to unitedly create a teaching-learning platform for the six day programme by becoming disciplined students though all are well established teachers. In another session “Mentoring Millennial”, Prof. Attri Sengupta, hasstressed the importance of mentoring the students of engineering institutions.  Millennial, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, are often blamed for their casual approaches towards life, not paying respect to their seniors, highly self-cantered and many more. Driving them towards excellence by exploring their enormous potential may be a challenge but not impossible. She said that an attempt was made to explore the avenues of mentoring students of technical and management institutes. 
Discussion was directed towards how cognitive styles blended with emotional aspects can ignite the students and help them to progress in life. In a nutshell, the session focused on how to use mentoring as an effective tool for transforming millennial. Post lunch time, ‘Building Effective Relation with Student’ sessions were organised by Prof. Sanjeev Prashar, where in all the participants have played the roles of leader and follower. Learning through Team building exercise was aimed at increasing learnings of participants, he said.
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