Part Time MBA Is Trend Setter Among Entry Level Executives

Part Time MBA is trend setter among entry level executives

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing” – Warren Bennis

In addition to hard work and dedication, a professional must make the ‘right moves’ at the ‘right time’ to climb up the ladder of success. When a fresher joins the corporate world after 3 or 4 years of graduation, the zeal to earn both success and money is immense. In the next 2-5 years he/she starts to yearn for more in terms of – knowledge, roles & responsibilities and salary.

At this juncture, one of the most common advice give to you is – Pursue an MBA!

These 3 words are enough to trigger a series of questions in an entry-level executive’s mind who has an experience of 2-5 years, like-

  1. Part Time or Full Time?
  2. Which specialisation will benefit me?
  3. Can I leave my steady flow of income?
  4. Do I have it in me leave my job and study again full time?
  5. Do I wish to stay in the same organisation?

If you find yourself in a situation where…  

  1. a steady income is necessary to sustain yourself and/or
  2. you want to seek a managerial role in a similar profile or vertical and/or
  3. you are happy with the work culture and the career opportunities your existing organization is providing.

… then Part-Time MBA is a good and viable option.

Why is Part-Time MBA a Trend Setter?

  1. Income is Secure

Over the last century, the business and management education has evolved organically. With the advancement of technology, specifically Information Technology, MBA programs have been made far more flexible. With many online and distance learning programmes, professionals no longer have to quit their jobs.  A Part Time MBA helps the aspirant stay employed and yet earn a degree and still have the inflow of income.

  2. Seek a Managerial Position

A part-time MBA takes more than 2 years to complete but the professional can continue studying along with a steady job and seek promotions or internal job transfers (IJT) within the organization while finishing the degree. If you see yourself as growing into a technical manager, then this is a good choice

  1. Stay Flexible

Most Part-Time MBA programs are designed in a way that they give you flexibility and ample amount of time and options to attend and complete the course. There are a mix of weekend classes, evening weekday classes, and week-long classes with a break. You can choose your own schedule to study the content. Online forums are provided to interact with faculty and fellow students and clarify doubts. Such options help you to balance your work and studies.

  1. Economical

A Part-Time MBA’s fee is less as compared to a full-time programme. Thus it turns out to be an economical option. Also there times when your existing organization is ready to invest in you financially and provide you with financial aid. This eases of your burden and ultimately makes it more viable.

  1. Networking

Part-Time MBA gives you the fantastic opportunity to build and sustain your network of people within the existing organization you work and with your fellow colleagues at the Part-Time MBA course.

  1. Learn & Grow

Doing Part Time MBA early on in your career helps you take charge of yourself and sharpen your skills. Sky is your limit

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