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Communication is the key to success in PI

Communication is the key to success in PI
Communication is the key to success in PI
In any interview, communication is the key to success. Until you speak in a convincing manner, your interviewer won’t be impressed and the probability of you getting an admission into an MBA institute will be low. 
Through verbal communication, you need to convey to the interviewer your interest in pursuing an MBA and what you hope to achieve at the end of the course. To test your analytical skills, the interviewer may ask you a few questions; so, do not answer in a hurry – take your time and think about the answer before conveying it to the interviewer. 
Apart from verbal communication, interviewers also focus on non-verbal communication – the way you sit, the way you walk and the confidence with which you speak are important; hence, you should be mindful of them during the interview. During the personal interview, interviewers want to know if you are capable of leading a team or communicating with team members. 
An MBA degree prepares you for leadership positions and hence, it is important for you to showcase your interpersonal and leadership skills during the interview. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer when he is asking you a question or when you are answering a question and be confident regardless of how difficult a question is.
Some interviewers try to ask difficult questions to see how you react under stress. So, remain calm at all times and do not have a panic-stricken face. An interview is not just a time for interviewers to ask questions but for you to ask questions too. However, wait till the end of the interview to ask questions – you can ask questions about the curriculum or interesting programs that the MBA institute offers. 
Before the interview, go through the website of the MBA institute to ensure that you are well-prepared – there is no point asking questions for which the answers are on the website. Do speak clearly during the interview – some students have the tendency to mumble under stress.
So, if you fall in this category, practice hard and speak in front of your friends before you go for the interview. Also, watch videos of good speakers and understand their verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and emulate them during your interview. 
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