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Don't over smile in PI

Don't over smile in PI
Don't over smile in PI
It is important to smile during a personal interview( PI )  – in fact, a smile indicates that you are keen to get an admission into the business school and that you are happy to meet the interviewer. However, one should not smile too much – when you smile too much, the interviewer may assume that you are not serious about the interview. So, it is important to smile but ensure that it is not too much.
Non-verbal communication is extremely important during an interview( PI ) – it is not just what you say during the interview that makes a difference but the way you react and your facial expressions also mean a lot. For example, when the interviewer is asking you a serious question, do not smile. Pay attention to what the interviewer is saying and your face will automatically become serious.
Your facial expressions should be in line with the questions of the interviewer and the atmosphere in the interview room. So, if the interviewer asks a question in a humorous manner, do give a smile and answer the question accordingly. 
An interview is not a joke – so, be professional in your speech and behavior and you will definitely ace the interview. When you enter the interview room, smile at the interviewers and shake their hands. At this point in time, you should smile to show that you are happy with being selected for the interview. Also, when your interview is over, do smile at the interviewers and thank them for their time. 
Your smile should be genuine – do not fake a smile because interviewers will be able to identify a fake smile and this may be detrimental to your academic success. Do not give a closed-mouth smile by pursing your lips – a genuine smile shows off one’s teeth and it is evident in the person’s eyes too. 
The only way to ace an interview is by exuding confidence and acting naturally. Do not fake your emotions – from the time you set foot in the interview room to the time you come out of it, show your natural and true emotions.
You should neither smile too much nor too little. Smile to convey your happiness to the interviewer, but also bear in mind that an interview is a serious matter. So, pay attention to your facial expressions.
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