Establish Goal

Establish Goal
Those of you who have cleared the cut off percentile are being invited for PI soon. Interview is the integral part of the B-School admission process
Following are the reasons for conducting PI: 
MBA aspirants must make a note of it that the admissions process of all business schools requires that the MBA applicant attends a mandatory interview. These mandatory interviews are usually conducted as in person ones. 
If you are an international applicant and the business school has not been able to either send its representative or identify any alumni in your country to conduct the interview in person, the interview is conducted over the phone or through web conference. 
Again, an in-person interview is generally recommended as you can build rapport and use it to get feedback to determine your fit for the particular program. 
What does the PI tries to test?
The personal interview process aim to test the 'views' expressed by a candidate during submission of the application or through a free-wheeling discussion around one's bio-data given in the application form."
A few 'knowledge-dipstick' questions on one's basic academic background might also be fielded to assess the depth and accuracy of existing knowledge. A few basic General Knowledge questions may also be asked. 
B-Schools also give importance to consistent academic performance as it is indicative of academic discipline and ethos one is required to have to survive in the rigorous competition.
According to experts, Personal Interview stresses on the following areas:
• Goal Clarity
• Knowledge
• Communication Skills
• Personality traits
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