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PI Panel will help you to be at Ease

PI Panel will help you to be at Ease

The personal interview is a critical step in MBA admission process and should not be taken lightly. PI is aimed at knowing a candidate more intimately - assessing the clarity of thinking process, future goals and the 'fit'   factor with the B-school.

It provides the admission selection committee of a B school to evaluate your interpersonal and soft skills. With this aim MBA Rendezvous is presenting you PI tips so that you can be successful. Today you will read PI tips on:

PI Panel will help you to be at Ease 

A panel of individuals interviewing you would definitely be a scary thought even if it is not really your first interview. 
Normally the panel consists of two faculties from the college and one external faculty who does not relate to that college. It is an interesting combination of attitude and brains that would comprise of a personal interview panel.
The scary thought of two to three individuals forming a panel for your interview becomes even more intriguing when you are in for your turn. Your heart beats go faster and, uneasiness simply increases. 
Do not forget that the panel of interviewers know this fact for sure. They are not the demons that you have set in your mind. They are people who understand your situation and, are there to just understand you. They are not going to terrorize you but, they need to understand if you are fit for their college or not.
Understanding the plight of an interviewee, most interviewers set their minds working on how to reduce the anxiety levels. When you enter the room, you would observe that the interviewers have a smile fixed on their face to ease you out. 
The next would be a round of relaxed welcome and, a few questions that would allow you to finally be at ease in this situation.
Most interviewers begin with questions like how is the temperature outside or play out some joke so that you are relaxed and ready for the tough round to begin. They also want you to answer clearly and, do not wish for you to lose a chance.
So, they make efforts to help you relax and, stay calm. It is only when they are absolutely sure that you are relaxed that they begin the round of challenging questions to test your ability. 
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