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Why you are nervous to face PI?

Why you are nervous to face PI?

The personal interview is a critical step in MBA admission process and should not be taken lightly. PI is aimed at knowing a candidate more intimately - assessing the clarity of thinking process, future goals and the 'fit'   factor with the B-school. 

It provides the admission selection committee of a B school to evaluate your interpersonal and soft skills. With this aim MBA Rendezvous is presenting you PI tips so that you can be successful. Today you will read PI tips on:

Why you are nervous to face PI?
The final line that needs to be crossed before entering your dream destination is the personal interview. It is very natural that one is getting nervous while nearing the personal interview round. 
The written exam and the GD had sessions with too many people with you sitting in the same room but the personal interview is a completely different scenario, it is just you and the panel in a room. This is just one of the reasons to feel nervous when appearing for a personal interview.
Lack of preparation to handle PI is one of the main reasons to feel anxious just before an Interview. Preparation helps you handle the nervousness or allows you some knowledge of the probable questions during a PI. 
But when you are unprepared, it is like being thrown to the unknown. Your nervousness may also be an outcome of the lack of information between you and the dream college. You may not want to fail yourself this opportunity which leads to nervousness. 
You may or may not be new to interviews but, every time you think of yourself with a group of people ready to grill you up with their questions, you get nervous. It is a very normal phenomenon. Ask anyone and, they would say that interviews still send shivers to their body and they may have attended just too many interviews.
The anxiety increases when you start asking people who have ended their round of interview with the panel, what they were being asked. When you hear questions that you may not know answers to, your nervousness will increase. These are just a few reasons.
But, the solution is just one that is that you need to calm yourself before entering the interview room. Get nervous and you lose the chance of securing your admission. So remain confident and agile with one motto of getting succeeded in PI.
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