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You will be given opportunity to tell your story in Personal Interview

You will be given opportunity to tell your story in Personal Interview
You will be given opportunity to tell your story in PI
In a personal interview (PI), the interviewer will ask the interviewee a series of questions related to his education, internships and other work experience, if any, but that does not mean that the interviewee will not have a chance to tell his story. 
A personal interview (PI) is actually an opportunity for the interviewer to know the interviewee in-depth and also to ensure that the interviewee is a good fit for the MBA institute. 
In addition, during the interview, the interviewee will have the opportunity to ask questions about the MBA institute and the course he had applied for and enlighten the interviewer on his achievements and aspirations.
Generally, students applying to MBA institutes are keen on taking up management positions at some point in time, which is why they hope to hone their business acumen and leadership skills at an MBA institute. 
During the interview, you will get the opportunity to enlighten the interviewer on why you intend to pursue an MBA degree and why you have chosen to do so at a particular MBA institute. Here, you need to convince the interviewer that an MBA degree will be helpful in your career.
You will also get the opportunity to convey your past achievements to your interviewer. In school, you could have been involved in extra-curricular activities, and taken part in sports. 
Use the time provided to you during the interview to shine light on the aforementioned activities. This way, the interviewer will be convinced that you are a good team player and that you are not afraid of challenges.
Everything that you say during an interview will help the interviewer in deciding if you are the right candidate for the MBA program. So, think before you speak and speak in a coherent manner. Interviewers do not just focus on the content but also the way you speak.
So, tell your story in a professional manner, while shining light on some of the key skills you have developed over the years and you will be one step closer to getting admission into the MBA institute of your dreams.
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