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 Published :Thursday, 19 February, 2015 10:23 AM
Having reached the ultimate stage of the admission process, the PI, your progress further will be determined by your attitude. Being one of the thousands of aspirants vying for a single seat, you need to distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd. Your attitude, which defines the kind of person you are, to a large extent, will make or break your chance. As a matter of fact, PI, in the MBA interview, is more about your attitude than anything else.

What does attitude mean?

Attitude is defined as the way you think or feel about someone or something that reflects your state of mind. Essentially, attitude is 'who you are'. There is nothing egoistical about it. It develops positively when you are proud of yourself, have self-belief, confidence and humility. It is a cumulative result of a lot of factors, such as, your perspective towards yourself and others, towards life, your surroundings and so on. It plays a very important role in life, certainly in the interview. Having the right attitude means that you possess a positive approach towards life, are a go-getter, and are better equipped to tide over challenges.

Good attitude Vs Bad attitude

Having knowledge may not necessarily guarantee admission, but having a good attitude can offset (to a certain extent) lack of knowledge in the interview process. In fact, the right attitude is a pre-condition to learning itself. In the interview, a bad or negative attitude can immediately put off the interviewer. An aspirant who shows pessimism, aggression, arrogance, blames others, whines, is self-centred, is less likely to get admission than the one who is optimistic, warm, confident, motivated and enthusiastic. The latter displays what will be termed as 'good attitude' whereas the former displays 'bad attitude'.

Role of attitude in PI

The PI is conducted face-to-face, as opposed to impersonal ways of evaluating. This can be both a boon and a bane. On the one hand, in PI, you can show your real self and use your convincing skills, on the other hand, it subjects your entire personality and body movements to minute scrutiny, hence, even the slightest flaw can be detected. Therefore, attitude, which shapes your personality and the person you are, becomes an important game-changer, capable of sealing your fortunes.

Inculcate the following attitudinal traits in your personality to become a winner:

i.Self Pride- Being proud of who one is, of all that one has achieved in life and one's existence provides a sense of comfort, happiness and security, all essential to feel confident.

ii. Confidence- There is no substitute to confidence. Confidence is one of the major contributors to positive attitude. It reflects even in the slightest movements of the aspirants
and is a sign of assurance. It is difficult for an interviewer to overlook a confident aspirant.

iii. Motivation- A motivated candidate, who has a goal and really wants to do well, will surely manage to catch the eyes of the interviewers.

iv. Optimism- An optimistic candidate will impress the interviewers with his/her positivity, his ability to tide over obstacles and motivate the others.

Thus, getting the perfect attitude is critical to your fortunes in the PI.

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