Answer Key for Preposition Questions

Preposition Answer Key

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Answer Key

Q1. The child responded to his mother's demands _____ throwing a tantrum.
A. By

Q2. I will wait _____ 6.30, but then I'm going home.
A. till

Q3. My best friend, John, is named _____ his grandfather.
A. after

Q4. My parents have been married _____ forty years.
A. for 

Q5. It's been snowing _____ Christmas morning.
A. since

Q6. I get paid _____ the end of the month.
A. at  

Q7. I'll be with you _____ a moment.
A. in  

Q8. I've got a meeting _____ Monday morning.
A. on

Q9. He enjoyed the peace as he walked _____ the forest.
A. through

Q10. A grey mist hung _____ the fields.
A. over  

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