Answer Key for Punctuation Questions

punctuation Answer Key

Answer Key

Q1. Punctuate the following sentences.

a) i like playing with my friends sandy sunny sameer
Ans. I like playing with my friends-Sandy, Sunny and Sameer.

b) we went through the smoky mountains, near shimla on our way to leh
Ans. We went through the smoky mountains near Shimla, on our way to Leh.

c) myfavourite soap is pears and my favourite toothpaste is pepsodent
Ans. My favourite soap is Pears and my favourite toothpaste is Pepsodent.

d) i’m a catholic and that’s why i go to st.joseph’s school
Ans. I'm a Catholic and that's why I go to St. Joseph's School.

e) my friend priya speaks german and she is teaching me some words 
AnsMy friend, Priya speaks German and she is teaching me some words.  

f) he was honest sincere hard working
Ans. He was honest, sincere and hard working.

g) hindusmuslimssikhschristians live together in India
Ans. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians live together in India.

h) long ago in a town in Switzerland there lived a famous man called william
Ans. Long ago, in a town in Switzerland, there lived a famous man called William.

i) akbar the greatest of the mughal emperors ruled wisely
Ans. Akbar, the greatest of the Mughal emperors, ruled wisely.

j) tanya said to ila rahul is a nice guy
Ans. Tanya said to Ila, "Rahul is a nice guy."

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