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Published: Monday, 09 October 2017 05:40 PM

With the vision of offering world-class management education in India, Institute of Management Technology (IMT) India’s premier B-School strives for Leadership through Innovation, Execution and Social Responsibility.

Revamped Curriculum 

Wondering why the change in curriculum?

Due to unsteady nature of the business world, it is necessary to adapt and enhance the skills set of potential leaders to combat the challenges. The candidates must embrace new advances in technology and evolve for betterment. Considering the state of the dynamic business world, new courses on sustainability, social responsibility, design thinking and organisation based projects are introduced to aid the students.

How will Design Thinking help IMTians?

The idea is to approach management problems as designer’s approach design problems. It is imperative for students to develop ‘collaborative skills’ beside their personal skills. This technique would help them to be open to different perspectives. It will enable deep insights into the problems and work as a team towards finding solutions. The motive is to make students understand other person’s perspective through which they can address the problems of users in future. It is through this collective effort that they will realize the value of others.

As Peter Drucker rightly said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

  • It will facilitate communication qualities.
  • Understand the users
  • Solve complex problems with unique solutions.
  • Form business strategies and execute them.

 Sustainability and Social Responsibility

In the age of globalization, there is need to be familiar with changing business scenarios.  Due to which it has become crucial to inculcate the concepts of sustainability and social responsibility in the curriculum. So, the future managers are not only able to cope but lead with success. These concepts are needed to teach at foundation level i.e. business education.

 It will give them an opportunity to grow in future. It will enable them to encompass the role of a Leader who will lead, manage, work and influence through their contributions to the organization. It is their responsibility to contribute towards society as well.

These changes in the curriculum by IMT, echo the value of Innovation, Execution and Social Responsibility.


IMTG has been consistently ranked among the top management institutes of the country for its Leadership, Faculty, Research, Student Selection Process, Curriculum, Pedagogy, Industry Interface, Internationalism, Placements, and Infrastructure.

IMTG is the proud alma mater of more than 300 C-suite executives and thousands of professionals serving in leadership positions in the best-known organisations in India and the world, in key business functions of Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Consulting, Information Technology, Marketing, and Finance among others.


In the selection process, the candidates are measured on various parameters like Written communication skills, Innovation & Creativity, Contribution of ideas, Leadership potential, Interpersonal skills, Domain knowledge, Versatility (extra-curricular/general awareness) etc. It’s an overall evaluation process through Critical Thinking Test, Group Exercise and Personal Interview (CT-GE-PI) which evaluates the holistic personality of the applicant. It also gauges the emotional, social and extra-curricular readiness of the candidates. The focus is to provide an environment that grooms candidates to become leaders and not just managers.

A legacy of Excellence

With the revamped curriculum and introduction of new courses on Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Design Thinking and Organization Based Projects will enrich the educational journey of the students. It will help them to tackle uncertainties of the corporate world as leaders. Students have to meet the emerging industry requirements and specialisations. They are the future leaders and must be well equipped to handle wavering business ecosystem.

The changes in the curriculum will not only accommodate industry needs but also help the students to develop right approach. It will open a gateway to opportunities too. Hence, the new approach implemented by IMT to provide a world-class experience to the students.

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