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April 05, 2018 @ 06:03 PM

Never mind your happiness; do your duty

Some of B schools and even new IIMs have replaced GD with WAT hence, ‘Written Analysis Test’ has also become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality, so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA admission process.
Read WAT topic: Never mind your happiness; do your duty
Peter Drucker’s quote, "Never mind your happiness; do your duty", stems from three important points – the first point is that happiness is not always the key to success; the second point is that intelligence and smartness will help you to reach your goals; and the third point is that one should carry out his/her duties effectively to reach his/her destination in life.
To succeed in life, one has to make a few sacrifices; so, you cannot expect happiness at every step of the way but if you carry out your duties properly, you will ultimately gain eternal happiness.
So, Peter Drucker was absolutely right in saying that one should not focus on happiness over a short-term period but he should work towards his long-term goals.
Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed his happiness for the welfare of the citizens of India. As a lawyer and a graduate of University College London, he could have led a luxurious life but he sacrificed his happiness to fulfill his lifelong dream – to free India from the shackles of the British Empire. He carried out his duties religiously and his dedication and determination bore fruit when India gained independence in 1947. And ultimately, Mahatma Gandhi gained eternal happiness.
Today, youngsters are so blinded by materialism that they lose sight of their goals and their duties - they are always on their toes to make quick money and they get carried away by short-term happiness. And instead of facing challenges and tackling problems, young adults today look for the easy way out.
This is the reason why India has a high job hopping rate. To succeed in life, one has to face challenges and tackle problems. Renowned businessmen, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Narayana Murthy, did not become successful overnight – they sacrificed their short-term happiness and worked towards their goals diligently.
Loretta Young, an American actress, was right when she said, "If you want a place in the sun, you have to expect a few blisters".
To gain success, we should be willing to sacrifice comfort and happiness and when we reach our destination, these sacrifices will seem minute.
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