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Published: Monday, 8 May 2017 10:30 AM

Why you wish to go for MBA?

MBA is a life altering experience for candidates who enrol in it. People enrol in it for different reasons. While some want a well- paying job immediately after the course, some want to use the knowledge to become an entrepreneur, some want to get into their dream company, some do it just to acquire a particular skill-set to enhance their career prospects, some look to remain up to date with the ever changing environment. The reasons may be different, but the answer is one - MBA.

Before enrolling into MBA and committing two precious years of your life, ask yourself, ‘Why do you want to do an MBA and not any other course? How will a course like MBA help you achieve your career goals? How does MBA align with your ambitions? What are your motivations for doing an MBA?’ Honest contemplation over these questions will help you decide for yourself whether you really want to do an MBA or not. As it involves a huge investment and commitment in terms of time and other resources, you need to be sure about doing MBA and about its role in your life.

An MBA from a reputed institute has always been valued in the market, irrespective of the market conditions. It is almost synonymous with employment. Hence, it generates a lot of interest in not only people from commerce stream, who are naturally inclined towards various aspects of business but also people from sciences and arts, who look at MBA to add a new dimension to their lives. The course allows you to specialise in different aspects of business such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and the like, according to your interests and future goals.

Budding and experienced entrepreneurs look at MBA to understand how a business operates and how its prospects can be improved further. The course provides an ideal training to an entrepreneur to equip himself/ herself with the right tools to run a business successfully. The course includes an in-depth study of successful business models, case studies and field projects and also exposes students to other aspects of college such as organising festivals and conference, all of which gives these students a real feel of the processes involved in running an enterprise.

While doing MBA, students also learn a wide range of skills, which come in handy in their careers and lives. The course enables students to discover leadership qualities in themselves, to take responsibilities and work in a team. Besides the theoretical and practical aspects of the course, the students also expand their networking skills, get exposed to diverse experiences and acquire problem- solving skills.

Don’t waste your time on an MBA if the purpose of your life is something else, for which you do not need this degree. An MBA requires commitment and sincerity, get into it only if you want to do it. So, make an informed decision.

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