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The exam was on an expected pattern with 30 questions in each section (Quant & DI and Verbal & LR) and 70 minutes available for each section. 

The difficulty level of Quant was relatively high. The geometry questions were especially on the tougher side. Other sections included were number theory, trigonometry, functions and exponents & logarithms.
The DI questions were relatively easy and consisted of three question sets, two of these sets were table based. There were no data sufficiency related questions. In all 20 – 22 questions in the Quant & DI section could be attempted
The verbal section was of moderate difficulty, there were 3 paragraphs of which two were of easy to moderate level while one was slightly difficult, only the difficult one was slightly abstract. Apart from this the questions were on jumbled paragraphs, word usage, paragraph completion and fill in the blanks.  Leaving aside a couple of questions the difficulty level of these questions was relatively low.
There were 3 sets of LR, all of which were of relatively easy to moderate level with at least one set that could be solved directly based on the conditions in this question itself. There was one tricky set that had to be solved through trial and error. In all 25 – 27 questions in the Verbal & LR section could be attempted
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