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Published :  Saurav Seth | May 19, 2016 | 09:30 AM IST

MBA entrance exams are not like degree exams but competitive exams

Popular MBA entrance exams such as CAT, XAT, IIFT, CMAT, NMAT, MAT and SNAP are some of the toughest exams for admission to any course in any institute across the country. The course evinces interest from a large number of students looking to secure a job and a good life, which an MBA more or less guarantees. 

Thus, the huge competition to secure a seat, especially in one of the premium business schools of the country, makes the entrance one of the toughest in the country.

Most professional courses, including MBA conduct entrance exams which are extremely competitive. The purpose of these entrances is to test the knowledge of the candidates and also their suitability for the course.

The idea is to filter out all those candidates who do not possess the requisite skills or aptitude for the course and retain only those who prove themselves in the entrance. Thus, it is a ruthless system which shows no sympathy for the ones who have not prepared or are unsuitable for the course.

Entrance exams are very different from degree exams. An MBA entrance, in particular, is unlike a degree exam. A degree exam tends to be more relaxed as compared to a competitive exam. The mindset of a student preparing for a degree exam is that he/she has to focus on his/her performance and try to get better rather than think of competition from across the nation. 

Seldom does the number of marks makes a lot of difference in a degree exam. What matters, at the end, is that you have a degree in your hand. 

Entrance exams, on the other hand, is perhaps, one single chance that the aspirant has to secure a seat in a good institute, which makes all the difference to his/her life. A candidate appearing in an MBA entrance, for instance, will be conscious of the competition that he/she faces from students across the country. 

This is because the performance of a candidate in an MBA exam is relative, that is to say, it is judged in comparison to other candidates. So, even if the candidate does well among his/her immediate peers, he/she cannot be guaranteed of a place in the course.

Degree exams give ample opportunities to the student to improve his/her scores through improvement papers. Entrance exams provide only one opportunity to the aspirant to prove his/her worth. There’s a lot riding on the results of an entrance exam for a candidate, as far as the career and job prospects of a candidate is concerned.

The pressures of the MBA entrance on a candidate is huge. A good rank in the entrance and admission to a good institute often results in good placements and starting salary packages. But, since the number of students who sit for these exams every year greatly outnumbers the number of premium business schools in the country, the exam becomes very competitive. 

Thus, be very clear that an MBA entrance is a tough and competitive exam, with no scope for sympathy and leniency. Therefore, be prepared to slog and give it your best shot.

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