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Published :  Arun Arora | September 8, 2016 | 10:00 AM IST

Are you really confident to get in 90 percentile bracket?

MBA is one of the most sought after courses among the student community and remains in demand despite the fluctuations in the job market. The aim of every aspirant who prepares for MBA entrance examinations is to secure admission in the top management institutes of the country. Institutes such as IIMs, FMS and XLRI are some of the most sought after institutes as they have become brand names in themselves with the best faculty and also attract the best companies of the world during placements. 

Given the high number of aspirants writing the entrance examsand each aspirant targeting a seat in these premium institutes, the competition is fierce. The cut offs are generally high, in the high 90 percentile bracket. This puts extreme pressure on the aspirants and ultimately, it comes down to confidence and self- belief, the two factors that form the basis of an excellent preparation and performance.

1. Confidence

With so many people fighting to secure a seat in a coveted institute, the entrance exam and how the aspirants prepare for it becomes important. As the aspirants target a score in the high 90s, they need to develop confidence in their own abilities to achieve that goal. Confidence is the first step that pushes you to believe that you can accomplish the given task. An aspirant who is low on confidence and doesn’t fancy his/ her chances starts at a disadvantage. 

2. Role of preparation

Confidence depends on a lot of factors, one of which is your preparation. Confidence comes from how well you prepare. If you have covered all aspects, even the less likely portions of the course that is to be tested in the exam, you will automatically feel confident about doing well in the exams. The feeling that you are ready and well prepared to face whatever comes your way in the exam is a good feeling to go into the exam room with.


3. Eliminate self- doubt

The biggest threat to your confidence is self- doubt. Self- doubt creeps in when you are insecure, low on confidence, develop fear and start doubting your capabilities. Looking at the competition, anyone can get unnerved and anxious and stop believing in himself/ herself. It is important to eliminate self- doubt and believe in yourself. History is replete with examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and achieving success despite all hurdles. 


4. Go-getter approach

To achieve the goal of making it to the best institutes of MBA, you need to develop a go-getter approach. This, too, comes from confidence. A burning desire to go after your goals with single- minded focus is indispensable, especially in light of the many hurdles that are expected to cross your path. 

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