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NMAT by GMAC is an exam that can unlock opportunities for you and become the first step towards a successful career in the field of business management. Success doesn’t come easy but with the right approach and mentality, it is possible for you to achieve success in NMAT 2022. This article focuses on the attitude and practices you need to inculcate to succeed in NMAT 2022.

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Desire to Learn

The most successful people in the world are ones who are most willing to learn from every experience. To succeed in NMAT 2022, and your life indeed, you must have a deep and abiding desire to learn. The three sections of the exam, namely, Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning Skills have several topics under them. Without the desire to learn, you will remain confined only to the areas you are comfortable with, and ignore the areas you find difficult or new. It’s only your inquisitiveness and desire to know more that will see you through.

Zeal to Achieve

The second most important attitude you need to strengthen in your self is the zeal to achieve. Big things come to those people who dream big and back it up with hard work. You need to be confident in yourself and have the belief that you can achieve your goals.

Factors to Crack NMAT

To crack an exam like NMAT 2022, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Exam Pattern

As per the pattern, you can expect a total of 108 MCQs, to be done in 2 hours. Each of the three sections will have 36 questions each. 
Time allotted to each section is as follows:
a. Language Skills-28 minutes
b. Quanititative Skills-52 minutes
c. Logical Reasoning Skills-40 minutes

  • Time Factor

NMAT 2022 is a 2 hour exam, divided in three sections. As mentioned above, each section has a time limit. You must take this factor seriously to tackle the exam intelligently. 

  • Scoring

The good news is that NMAT 2022 does not have any negative marking. You are free to attempt all questions and maximise your chance of scoring well. 

  • Dynamic Exam

NMAT 2022 is a dynamic exam. The questions in the exam are directed at the individual abilities of the candidate. The difficulty level of questions depends on the candidate’s performance in the previous questions. A high-scoring candidate receives a more difficult paper in comparison to a low-scoring candidate.

Predefined plan and regular practice

You need to have a definite strategy in place to prepare for NMAT 2022. This must include covering the entire syllabus and managing time. Once you are clear with all the concepts and covered all areas, you can start attempting mock tests and practice papers.

Always Improvise On Speed

Speed is of essence in NMAT 2022. The other aspect is accuracy but because NMAT 2022 does not have negative marking, you have the choice of attempting all questions. Focus on managing questions within the sectional limits, given by GMAC for NMAT 2022. You have the option of shuffling across questions within a section and deciding the sequence of the questions you want to attempt, but try to attempt all questions in a section and keep spare time for revision. This ways, you will have some time for questions you are not completely sure about.

Focus on strength and weakness

To ace NMAT 2022, you must be aware of your strong and weak areas beforehand. After working through the mock tests, you will have an idea about this. You can attempt the areas you are strong in first and find a way to manage and reduce the areas/topics you are weak in.

NMAT 2022 presents a different challenge in contrast to other exams such as CAT. But, therein lies the opportunity to use the pattern and choices that NMAT gives to your advantage. Ultimately, you will decide how successful you want to be in NMAT 2022.

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