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No, there is NO Negative Marking in NMAT Exam.

Hence the aspirants need to plan their NMAT exam strategy even more.

Speaking to Mr. Sony Goel, an IIM-A alumnus and a CAT coach gave below advice to students preparing for NMAT Exam.

What Impact does No Negative Marking in NMAT Exam have on Aspirants?

It helps boost confidence of the students to attempt all the questions.

Though in the long run it does not make much of a difference but intelligent and wise guessing helps a lot. Its an added advantage for the students.

No doubt, candidates won’t be penalized for the wrong answer but if you feel that you will be benefitted by wild guessing then that is not the case as all candidates will be having the same advantage.

In Overall ranking, no negative marking won’t bring much of a difference but somehow it gives confidence to the students, specially the average students. They find it more comfortable with questions, as the wild guessing is not penalizing them.

Students who are wise enough, for them it makes no difference

  1. Because they are not making mistakes / not doing questions wrong.
  2. They understand at the end of the day it remains a relative grading examination.

What Strategy should Aspirants adopt for Exams with No Negative Marking?

NMAT has 5 choices, so the probability of getting a question right by wild guessing comes out very low.

What aspirants need is very Intelligent guessing and they should be able to eliminate options before bringing the guessing part to the question.

It also becomes important to mark all the questions.

It is also very important to understand that if the question is not giving them any negative marking, it doesn’t mean that this question is not harming them.

They should not be wasting unnecessary time because there is no negative marking and hence a very good judgement of time plays a crucial role.

NMAT Exam has a total of 108 Questions. The Duration of the exam is 2 hours (120 minutes)

NMAT 2022 Exam Questions

  • Language Skills (LS) – 36 
  • Quantitative Skills (QS – 36
  • Logical Reasoning (LR) – 36 

NMAT 2022 Sectional Time Duration

The sections are individually timed.

Time saved in solving one section cannot be

carried forward.

  • Language Skills (LS) – 28 Minutes 
  • Quantitative Skills (QS) – 52 Minutes 
  • Logical Reasoning (LR) – 40 Minutes 

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