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60 DAYS TO IIFT-Your Winning Strategy

60 DAYS TO IIFT-Your Winning Strategy

With IIFT entrance exam scheduled for 5th December 2021, aspirants have around 60 days to be ready for the most crucial exam in their professional careers. These 60 days can prove to be the difference between securing a seat in one of the most prestigious institutes for MBA in International Business in the country and facing rejection. Aspirants must, therefore, not waste a single moment and devise a special plan till the day of the exam to boost their chances.

Let us take you through some important aspects regarding IIFT Exam Details.

Devise a Strategy

By now, all candidates must be thorough with the course and structure of the exam. Ideally, they would have covered all the possible topics across sections at least once, if not more, following their own individual preparation plans. So, at this stage, they need a special winning strategy, that gives them space for a thorough revision, time to develop mastery over their strong areas and a plan to manage their weaknesses. For the topics/ questions that aspirants consider as their strengths, in particular, they must now try to work on the time taken to solve such questions and reduce it considerably. This is because each second saved on an easy/ familiar question gives that much more time to solve tricky/ unfamiliar questions.

Time Management

In an entrance examination, attempting questions is the easy part because through proper preparation, most of the candidates are able to solve all or most questions given in the paper. The challenge, however, lies in attempting the given questions within the given time. Candidates win or lose marks subject to how quickly or slowly they are able to go through the questions. Therefore, Time Management is an important factor for aspirants to consider. With two months in hand, they should solve the mystery of time and try to achieve a good accuracy rate while solving the questions quickly.

Boost Strengths, Eliminate Weaknesses

By now, aspirants would have been able to identify their strong areas in every section. With 60 days remaining, it is the apt time for aspirants to reinforce their strong areas and derive confidence from it. More importantly, this 60-day window is perfect for aspirants to work on their weaknesses and try to eliminate them one by one. This can be achieved by:

  • Identifying the weak areas
  • Trying to understand and master the concepts
  • Turning weakness into strength by sufficient practice till you feel confident

The above three steps should be adopted by each aspirant to boost their chances of clearing the IIFT exam.

Mock Tests

With 60 days to go for the IIFT exam, the time is right to subject yourself to exam conditions and attempt Mock Tests. With your preparation in the final stages, it is imperative that you attempt mock tests to prepare yourself for exam day. Attempting mock tests will:

  • give you an idea about what to expect in the paper
  • help you identify your strong and weak areas
  • help you with time management and how to pace the paper
  • develop a rhythm before the paper and remove any nerves that you may have
  • most importantly, give you confidence and belief that you can do it


With so less time to go for an exam that can prove to be a turning point in your lives, it is important you believe in yourself and carry the confidence into the exam. It is natural to feel nervous and anxious before such a huge, career defining occasion but you cannot allow yourself to be overwhelmed and mess up the exam. Therefore, trust your preparation, believe you can do it, and put your best foot forward on Exam Day.

Aspirants should follow this winning strategy to make good use of the 60-day window and give themselves the best chance to crack the IIFT exam.

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