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IMS is one of the excellent CAT coaching institutes in India for the past 45 years.

IMS CAT test series are one of the excellent test series for CAT.

CAT exam is an important factor for every student. CAT entrance exam difficulty level is known for every student.

For CAT entrance exam preparation practicing mock test series are more important.

IMS provides 3 CAT test series and test series for other MBA entrance exams.

Are IMS mocks good for CAT exam?

IMS CAT mocks are one of the good Mock test series closest to the actual CAT exam. 

IMS CAT mock test series helped many students achieve their dream of getting into the top B-Schools like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and other prestigious management institutes.

The CAT mock test series available in IMS mock test are:

  • SimCAT Comprehensive 2022
    • The IMS CAT mck test series SimCAT Comprehensive 2022 is a Comprehensive Test Series for CAT & other MBA exams.
    • SimCAT Cmprehensive 2022 features include 110+ full-length mocks, 60+ hours of video workshops and 2000+ practice questions.
  • SimCAT Plus 2022
    • The IMS CAT mck test series SimCAT Plus 2022 is a Comprehensive Test Series for CAT & other MBA exams.
    • SimCAT Plus 2022 features include 110+ full-length mcks and 20+ hours of ADMAT Video Workshops.
  • SimCAT 2022
    • The IMS CAT mck test series SimCAT 2022 features include 15 Proctored SimCATs & 25 Take-home SimCATs with detailed video solutions, analytics & 30 Section Tests.

How much does IMS test series cost?

The CAT test series of IMS cost is SimCAT 2022 is Rs.4950/- inclusive of Gst.

Test Series


Purchase/ Buy

SimCAT Comprehensive 2022

Rs. 9451/-


SimCAT Plus 2022

Rs. 7950/-


SimCAT 2022

Rs. 4950/-


Are IMS mocks tougher than actual CAT?

IMS CAT Mock tests are similar to mock tests to the actual CAT exam.

The difficulty level of the CAT mock test by IMS is almost the same as the Real CAT entrance exam. 

The students can take online or offline coaching for the CAT entrance exam from the IMS CAT Coaching Institute.

What is the Schedule for IMS test series?

The IMS CAT test schedule helps the students practice the mock test on time and identify their weakness and strength to practice well.

The students who attempt the test series on timely basis achieves the high percentile in the CAT MBA Entrance Exam.

IMS coaching provide schedule for the mock exam where the students can access the SimCAT’s windows during period.

Each SimCAT windows are available for 3 days and in total of 15 SimCAT’s available.

  • Pre SimCAT
    • Pre SimCAT are the cmpulsory test which every student has to attend before the SimCAT exam Proctored.
    • Pre SimCAT exam are the easier versin of CAT for students just to give the experience of the test taking dynamics and benchmarks prir to entering the SimCAT series.
  • SimCAT Proctored
    • SimCAT Prctored are the mock test series which is fully proctored by the IMS team.
    • SimCAT prctored exams where the students have to book the slot prior is mandatory for taking the test during the window period. Students need to book their slot on myIMS portal.
  • SIMCAT Take Homes  
    • SimCAT take hmes are the test available all the time where the candidates can access these tests at home or anywhere any time.
    • SimCAT take hmes are the unproctored test where the students will get after the window period is over for the Proctored SimCAT tests.
  • Section Tests
    • Sectin test are the take home tests will be primarily in the CAT 2020 /21 (2-hour pattern).
    • Sectin Tests will be released in increasing levels of difficulty. The overall level of difficulty of Section Tests 1-3 will be Easy, 4-6 will be Moderate and 7-10 will be Difficult.

Which is better career launcher or IMS?

Both the test series are excellent for CAT preparations:

The IMS CAT test series is known as the SIMCAT test, and the cost for the CAT test series is Rs.9451.

The Career Launcher CAT test series is known as the MBA 2022 Test Series (CAT + non-CAT) and the cost for the CAT test series is Rs.9000.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. Are IMS mocks proctored?

Yes, IMS provides proctored mock test for the CAT and the test name is SimCAT.

15 SimCAT mock test series are available.

Ques 2. How many mock tests are enough for CAT 2022?

Ans. Attempting as many mock tests helps you identify your weaknesses and strengths.

But a good number of mock tests to be attended is 30-40. Attempting IMS mock test series is one of the best ways to prepare for CAT.

Ques 3. How do I get IMS CAT test series?

Ans. Students can get IMS CAT test series from the official website.

Also, can enquire more from IMS CAT Coaching institute.

Ques 4. Is SimCAT better than AimCAT?

Ans. SimCAT is the IMS test series for CAT entrance exam.

AimCAT is the TIME test series for CAT entrance exam.

Both test series are good. More practice makes ready for the CAT exam.

Ques 5. Are IMS mocks tougher than NMAT?

Ans. IMS mocks are more related to the actual exam. NMAT is way bit easier than CAT.

IMS mocks are tougher than NMAT Exam.

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