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NMAT 2022 Scoring – What to Expect?

NMAT Exam Date: 10th October 2023

NMAT 2022  Scoring – What to Expect?

The NMAT by GMAC 2022 exam has brought with itself significant changes. With a major exam pattern revamp, the NMAT scoring pattern and marking scheme has also evolved. It will be more on the lines of the GMAT exam, which is also conducted by GMAC. 


Here are ten things you must know regarding NMAT 2022 scores:


  1. NMAT 2020 will be an adaptive test. This means that the difficulty of the questions is subjective to the candidate's ability. As the candidate answers the questions correctly, the difficulty level will increase. In case you mark incorrect answers, the difficulty level will reduce, and questions will match their capability.
  2. There is NO negative marking.
  3. Unlike previous years the exact mark allotted for correct answers is not known. 
  4. The score range for each section is 12 to 120 marks and overall is 36 to 360. This means that based on the score and candidate's final ability estimate, the scaled scores will be calculated.
  5. The technique to calculate the NMAT 2022 score is based on the modern exam theory's probabilistic model approach.
  6. The candidates who answer more difficult questions correctly will automatically become high-scoring candidates.
  7. The candidates who end up answering low difficulty questions will score accordingly.
  8. Since the exam is now a computerized adaptive test (CAT), candidates will not be allowed to revisit already answered questions. Unlike previous years where candidates could review their answers before moving on to the next section. 
  9. The candidates will get an unofficial scorecard at the end of the exam. 
  10. The official NMAT 2022 scorecard can be downloaded within 48 hours of the given exam. This is advantageous since now candidates do not have to wait long in case, they want to retake the exam.


The overall exam structure has changed; however, the sections remain the same. Here is a table that compares the new pattern with the previous year:


NMAT Exam 2022



No. of Sections



Name of Sections

Quantitative Skills, Logical Reasoning, Language Skills

Quantitative Skills, Logical Reasoning, Language Skills

No. of Questions vs. Time Limit – Quant

36 Q 52 Mins

48 Q 60 Mins

No. of Questions vs. Time Limit – LR

36 Q 40 Mins

40 Q 38 Mins

No. of Questions vs. Time Limit – Language Skills

36 Q 28 Mins

32 Q 22 Mins

Total No. of Questions



Total Time Duration

120 Mins

120 Mins

The NMAT 2022 registration was started on Aug 1, 2022, and end by Oct 10, 2022. Candidates can still retake the NMAT exam twice after writing it once. The exam delivery window begins Oct 10, 2022, and ends on Dec 19, 2022. Check out NMAT exam preparation tips

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