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Both NMAT and IBSAT are national level entrance exams for admission to some of the leading private institutes in the country. In one of the previous articles, we told you why NMAT is the best option for those looking for alternatives beyond CAT. In this article, we explore the best alternative available for those who are thinking beyond NMAT.

IBSAT- Best Choice After NMAT

If for some reason, you don’t want to give NMAT because it seems too difficult, you have missed registering for it or are not interested in the colleges accepting NMAT scores, you can think seriously about IBSAT, an exam which is easier than NMAT and provides good opportunities to students to excel in their chosen domains. The following information will help you make that choice without any hesitation.

  • IBSAT is a ticket to good institutions

Though there are more institutes, which accept NMAT scores than IBSAT, IBSAT scores are accepted by some quality institutions, which have proved their mettle in the field of business management. Primarily, IBSAT is targeted at the 9 institutes affiliated to ICFAI Business School. If you want to MBA from any of the following 9  institutions, IBSAT should be your preferred exam.

  • IBS Hyderabad
  • IBS Ahmedabad
  • IBS Bengaluru
  • IBS Gurgaon
  • IBS Dehradun
  • IBS Jaipur
  • IBS Kolkata
  • IBS Mumbai
  • IBS Pune

In addition to these institutes, IBSAT scores are also accepted by some other  institutions such as JKBS Gurgaon, VYASA Bangalore, GIBS Bengaluru, AIMIT Bengaluru, Vanguard Business School, Bengaluru etc.

  • IBSAT is gateway to a healthy culture

Students take admission mainly in any one of the 9 IBS institutes. With each IBS institute located in a different part of the country, it is obvious that each centre will have a diverse student body, coming in from different parts of the country. This adds a rich diversity to the campus life and makes learning a more meaningful activity.

  • IBSAT is not expensive

Compared to other entrance exams such as CAT and NMAT, registration for IBSAT costs far lesser. NMAT, for example, charges anywhere between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000, CAT registration fee is around Rs 2300. IBSAT registration fee, on the other hand, is only Rs 1800. 

  • IBSAT is easy

Compared to CAT and NMAT, the difficulty level of IBSAT is moderate to easy. So, you stand a better chance. The syllabus of IBSAT is on expected lines and you can prepare for it in a planned and strategic manner. The syllabus is similar to other entrance exams. It has the following divisions:

  1. Verbal Ability Section-50 questions
  2. Reading Comprehension-30 questions
  3. Quantitative Aptitude- 30 questions
  4. Data Interpretation and Data Adequacy-30 questions
  • IBSAT provides effective Mock Tests

IBSAT releases around 4-6 mock tests free of cost, prepared by experts based exactly on the pattern of IBSAT and revised every year. These mock tests are the best way to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, to help you frame a strategy to tackle the questions within the given time frame and to get acquainted with the difficulty level of the exam.

  • IBSAT accepting institutes are pocket friendly

The fees charged by institutes accepting IBSAT scores is much lesser in comparison to other institutes, which use exams like CAT and NMAT for their admissions. For example,

IBS Hyderabad- INR 16.02 Lakhs IBS Pune- INR 9.09 Lakhs
IBS Bengaluru-INR 12.06 Lakhs IBS Ahmedabad- INR 9.09 Lakhs
IBS Mumbai- INR 9.09 Lakhs IBS Gurgaon- INR 9.09 Lakhs
IBS Jaipur- INR 6.03 Lakhs IBS Dehradun- INR 6.03 Lakhs

IBSAT proves to be a great alternative for NMAT. If you want to explore options beyond CAT and NMAT, consider IBSAT and give a push to your MBA dream.

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