In the recent ‘MICA Leadership Series’ (MLS) conducted by MICA on Monday, the CEO of VIP Industries, Mr. Sudip Ghose, delivered interesting insights to the students about the role of a marketer. The talk was titled ‘The Story After The Red Pill’.

He began by talking about the various functions that are performed by a marketer in a dynamic business environment. Ranging from product development, advertising, branding to legal and PR, a marketer has to look after a whole gambit of activities. He called marketers the ‘nerve’ centre of an organization who work collaboratively with internal and external parties to deliver value to the stakeholders.

MICA Leadership Series’ (MLS)

He said that “Business doesn’t only rely on strategy. It relies primarily on operations. Any strategy is as successful or unsuccessful as its implementation.” He added that it is important to know ‘People, Processes and Procedures’ to understand the basics of working in an organization.

In this interactive session Mr. Sudip Ghose also talked about the industry. He said “There is no such thing as a boring category/industry for marketing. It’s about how we, as marketers deal with it”. He also added that the best place to understand the consumer is the market itself.

MICA Leadership Series’ (MLS)

Mr. Sudip Ghose has 22 years of work experience in sales and marketing across varied industries like consumer durables, consumer electronics, telecom and premium personal products. He also has practical expertise in strategic planning and operations in functions like sales, product marketing, brand management, supply chain management, quality and service, consumer research, marketing analytics and insights.

MLS aims at bringing a balance between academic pursuit and thought- provoking perspective from the industry so that students can foster a holistic approach towards learning as well as decision making.

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