Goa Institute of Management

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) with its Director Dr Joe Arun, SJ, has enhanced its quality in management education within a year’s time.With the Perspective Plan in which there are 24 Critical Success Factors (CSFs), GIM has restructured its administration, reviewed its curriculum and learning-teaching-evaluation, put in place the important standards of Assurance of Learning in each course a student learns, recruited competent faculty, started a new journal, and connected with the corporate world through MDPs and Executive education.

In the recent induction of new batch of students, Dr Joe Arun, SJ, said to all the students and parents, “students must come to GIM for learning, not just for jobs. But your learning is such a way that it attracts the best companies. The learning is the end product, and the job you get is a by-product. Your focus should be learning to become responsive and responsible leaders who would go out and make a difference in the lives of people.”

This has set a tone for academic rigour and discipline in the entire institute.

- 100% Placement (332 management post graduates) by the month of April 2015
- Nearly 50% students of the batch of 2015 placed with a package > 9 Lakhs PA
- Overall median pay package of 8.8 Lakhs per annum

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) celebrated its entry into the ‘Big 20’ of Indian B-Schools, by breaking all previous placement records. Voted among the Top 20 B-schools in every credible ranking in the country, GIM achieved a 100% placement well before the end of the placement season.

GIM has broken into the Outlook top-20 last year (19th in 2013), and had climbed a phenomenal 18 places to break into the top-25 of Business Today rankings in just 2 years (Ranked 42 in 2011, and ranked 24 in 2013).GIM continues to enjoy a ‘Top 25’ billing with The Week, as well as the 11th best Private B-School with CSR. Shiksha.com rates the 50-acre sprawling GIM campus at the foothills of the Western Ghats as the 5th Most beautiful campus in India, while Skill Tree, London, awarded GIM for being a ‘Great Place to Study’. Not surprisingly, GIM was awarded the “Most Innovative B-School Award” trophy by DNA on 18 Feb, 2015.

“2014-15 has been a watershed year for us at GIM, for more reasons than one,” says Dr. C. Joe Arun, SJ, who took over as the Director of GIM in September 2015. “We have been awarded the membership of the global MBA accreditation body AACSB International. The success which the first Health Care Management (HCM) batch of 48 students have seen has been very special.”

As an interesting collateral, Goais garnering added attention due to GIM. A number of global events in business education are being hosted by the institute. Come November, and the 6th PRME-Asia Forum will be co-hosted by GIM at the sea-facing TajVivanta at Panjim. The Principles of Responsible Management Education Forum - better known as PRME - is an organisation supported by the United Nations. The PRME Forum is a global platform of business schools and universities worldwide to gradually adapt their curricula, research, teaching methodologies, and institutional strategies in keeping with norms of environment, corporate responsibility and Sustainability.

“It is a great opportunity for us to hear the likes of Dr. KandehKollehYumlekka (UN Under Secretary General) and luminaries of the global fraternity, on changing trends, practices, and innovations that are making business sustainable across the world,” saysDr. C. JoeArun, SJ.

The 2014-15 academic year under the able guidance of Dr. C. Joe Arun, SJ has seen a number of new additions in the activities of the colleges. One of them being the significant rise in the number of MDPs conducted at GIM. The Naval High Command Course delivered for the Naval War College has been one of the most challenging and remarkable MDPs for the year.Led by Dr. Joe Arun, GIM also worked with the Naval War College to design and deliver a Capsule on Morals and Ethics for the participants of the Naval High Command Course.

Accolades notwithstanding, the Management of GIM sees a long road of innovations ahead. The hunt for an Enterprise level solution that will integrate all academic and administrative processes in GIM has just concluded. The ERP will be operational in a short time frame.

“GIM remains – and will remain in the years to come - unique and different; Unique in its perspective of management education, and different in the process of delivery of a quality education,” says Dr. C. Joe Arun, SJ. “The uniqueness of GIM lies in the ways it intends to form students to become leaders who allow values to guide their lives.”

Doubtlessly, this is what defines the identity of GIM. It is what makes GIM stand tall in the league of extraordinary B-Schools.

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