Inauguration of Atal Incubation Centre - BIMTECH


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We are pleased to announce that BIMTECH is one of the pioneering institutes that has been selected to set up Atal Incubation Centre- BIMTECH (AIC-BIMTECH) at Greater Noida. In the whole country, only 13 incubation centres have been sanctioned till date and BIMTECH feels elated to be a part of this short family. This centre is a one-of-a- kind academia, industry and government partnership to provide high class incubation facilities. The Incubation Centre has been under the mentorship of Dr. Abha Rishi, who is the chairperson of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneur Development and who is also the CEO of The Atal Incubation Centre.

The Government of India has setup the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) at NITI Aayog with a comprehensive purpose to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in India.Under this mission the Government has planned to create high class incubation facilities across various parts of India with suitable physical infrastructure such as capital equipment and operating facilities, together with the availability of sectoral experts for mentoring the start-ups.

AIM proposes to support setting up of Atal Incubation Centre (AICs) that would support innovators and start-ups in their pursuit of becoming successful entrepreneurs.


Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of State for Culture (Independent Charge), MoS - Environment Forest and Climate Change, and the Member of Parliament from Greater Noida , inaugurated the Atal Incubation Centre- BIMTECH on 20 January, 2018. Also, Mr. Kamal Singh, Executive Director- United Nation Global Compact India, was the guest of honor.  Mr. Subrat  Kumar, CEO Cinque and Mr Aditya Ghildiyal, SVP, Association of Greater Noida Industries and Tejpal Nagar , MLA were our esteemed guests for the occasion.

It was a proud moment for Dr. H Chaturvedi , Director BIMTECH and as per him “Such incubators provide youth with constructive work to counter unemployment and BIMTECH is the flag bearer  for the same “

The CEO said “For every incubatee selected under the incubator, the team gets 15000 per month and total amount of Rs. 10 lacks . 3700 applications were received in total by NITI Aayog , ot of which 10 were shortlisted in 1st round and only 6 of these were academic institutes , out which 2 were management schools , one of them being BIMTECH. We have been fortunate to have 23 partnerships, two of them being from Amazon and Google.


According to Dr. Mahesh “Such initiatives are making the youth empowered to give back to the society than being in the queue. BIMTECH is the think tank and the wisdom that comes out of the innovations need to go back to the society so that we leave a rich legacy behind. “

The AIC- BIMTECH will be accepting applications for 3 different stages i.e., Khoj (idea identification), Gurukul (building an MVP) and Udaan (scaling up of the company). AIC-BIMTECH’s offerings include an in-house team for support, sector-wise experts for development, regular mentoring and networking opportunities for guidance, growth and scale. The applicant would be provided financial support of upto Rs.10 crore, in the form of Grant-in-aid for a maximum of 5 years. It is expected that the AIC would become self-sustainable by the end of 5 years. 

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