MDI Gurgaon holds panel discussion; sheds light on the need for self-transformation & power of change

MDI Gurgaon holds panel discussion; sheds light on the need for self-transformation & power of change

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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MDI Gurgaon, one of the leading B-schools in India, hosted a virtual panel discussion on “Transforming Self + Transforming Organization = Transforming Nation” on Saturday, March 20, 2021.

The business world is dynamic and ever-evolving and continuous transformation is one of the means for growth. Thus, the panel discussion aimed at enriching the participants on the importance of self-transformation, the role of transformational leadership for the organization as well as for the nation.

While welcoming the esteemed guests, panelists, students, and alumni, Prof. Ajay K Jain, Dean – Executive Graduate Programmes spoke about how individuals and society are connected to the process of transformation. He also highlighted that personal values help in shaping leadership roles and organizational culture. 

The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Navin Mittal, IAS, Commissioner, Collegiate Education & Technical Education at Govt. of Telangana. Sharing his life experiences, Mr. Mittal said, “Inner transformation is imperative and one cannot think of transforming the society or world until an individual transforms oneself first. To begin with, it is imperative to identify the right ingredients or resources and how each of these resources help walk on a positive path. These resources are also significant in bringing a change within oneself, thereby transforming the outside world.”   

The panel discussion was graced by Mr. M. P. Mall, Former CMD, IRCTC and Swami Prakarshananda, Delhi Chinmaya Sewa Trust.

Mr. Mall emphasized, “The requirement of change or transformation changes at every stage of life. Thus, what is important is timely recognizing the need for transformation and adapting to the changing circumstances.” Continuing on the panel discussion theme, Swami Prakarshananda said, “Self-knowledge is the right knowledge and individual transformation will bring transformation to the nation.” He further added, “When your mind is completely positive and focused towards the highest goal, and not getting dejected, then that is a transformational mind.”

The panel discussion was organized by the SELF community that comprises executive students of NMP, PPM and EMP programmes. The discussion points were mainly around self, spirituality, entrepreneurship, transformation, organization and nation and their relationship with each other.

The first panel discussion witnessed an electric discussion on the theme “Transforming SELF organization and nation”. The panelists stressed on the importance of continuous learning to build new skills to grow one's career path. The need to have a disciplinary approach as an entrepreneur will help transform not just individually but also the team of professionals. Most importantly, in a modern-day career, individuals must believe in the art of networking which is one of the essentials for success. The line-up of speakers for this session included Mr. Deepak Bahri, (MD, CEO, Sentiss Pharma), Mr. Aneesh Khurana (MD, Paramount) and Mr. Rohit Rajput (CEO, Max Asset Services).

The second session was on “SELF, Spirituality and Entrepreneurship”. The panelists shared about their personal entrepreneurial journey and how each experience - good or bad - is a part of self-learning in the business ecosystem. The panelists included Mr. Himanshu Sharma (CEO,, Mr. Dhruv Sharma (CEO, InstaDiet), Ms. Priyanka Madnani (CEO, EasyToPitch) and Mr. Sagar Bhatia (Content Lead at IndusVed).

The event saw participation of 100 plus participants including participants from NMP, EMP and PPM programmes and alumni. The next event from the SELF community is scheduled for 27th March, 5:00 PM by Shri. Parameswaran Iyer, IAS and NMP alumnus from 1st batch (1988-89). In past industry leaders like B.Ashok (CEO Ratnagiri petrochemicals), Arun Malhotra (former CEO, Nissan Motors), Sachin Chaudhary, COO Indian Bulls, Dr. Hari Niwas Tiwari (Spiritual Guru) etc. have addressed the SELF community.

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