MICA, Ahmedabad, India’s premier management B-school in Strategic Marketing and Communication, recently hosted MI CONCLAVE 3.0, which brought thought leaders in the HR domain to deconstruct and simplify relevant issues pervading the HR function across corporations, sectors, and geographies at large.

Organized by the MICA Leadership Series (MLS), the conclave hosted three-panel discussions on themes ‘HR and the Millennial Challenge’, ‘Embracing the New Age of Work: Hybrid Workforces’ and ‘Quiet Quitting: The Next Phase of Great Resignation’.

The panel discussions were moderated by MICA faculty Prof. Falguni Vasavada Oza, Prof. Shubhra Gaur and Prof. Saurabh Pandya.

Delivering the keynote address, Dr. NS Rajan, Former CEO of IDFC Foundation & Former Group CHRO, Tata Sons, Former Global Leader, People Advisory – EY, spoke of the everincreasing importance of intellect, knowledge, values, and purpose in one’s life.

“We live in a time when the human intellect has become the most important property, and knowledge has begun to replace financial capital. ‘Purpose’ is the pilot of the soul. It lends meaning to our lives and makes ordinary people do extraordinary things. Our character is built on the values we believe in and showcased in our conduct. It is the leader's responsibility to ensure that the values of the enterprise are never compromised”, he said.

HR and the Millennial Challenge:

Panellists Ms Kavita Dasan, VP (People Practices) at ABP Network, Mr Madhu Raghunath, Group Head HR at TVS Mobility Pvt. Ltd., and Ms Pia Shome, Chief People Officer at U Gro Capital explored nuances, challenges and opportunities of meaningfully engaging a largely millennial workforce at the workplace.


Ms Kavita Dasan, Vice President of People Practices at ABP Network, said, “Nobody prepared us to welcome a cohort as uniquely diverse and challenging as the millennials. They are different because they are born with technology and chase challenges. Millennials are driven by flexibility, growth and recognition. They are constantly challenging the 9 to 5 paradigm. Today, millennials are domain loyalists and not loyalists to the organization.” She further highlighted the importance of defining outcomes over procedures which gives way to flexibility and creativity.

Giving a three-fold framework that guides millennials, Mr. Madhu Raghunath, Group Head HR at TVS Mobility Pvt. Ltd. said, “Mastery, autonomy, and purpose guide the millennials. Loyalty among millennial employees has shifted from tenure to purpose. And loyalty is a byproduct of purposeful work.”

Embracing the New Age of Work: Hybrid Workforces:

Panelists Ms. Sandhydeep Purri, Chief People Officer at Sapphire Foods (KFC & Pizza Hut), Mr. Ashutosh Anshu, Board Director & CHRO at Hitachi, India, Ms. Komala Devi, HR Leader (SSG ISO), Lenovo, Asia-Pacific, and, Mr. Roy Joseph, Vice President - HR, MRF Limited shared their insights around navigating the outlook toward a hybrid model in a post-pandemic world.

Mr. Ashutosh Anshu, Board Director & CHRO, Hitachi India, focused on the importance of adaptability not only on the organizational level but also on an individual level. Highlighting the importance of keeping oneself updated and evolving, he remarked, "Continuous evolvement of policies is crucial to adapt to the current dynamic environment. You cannot do today’s work with yesterday’s method and be in the business tomorrow.”

He further laid down the 'ASK Framework' (A- Attitude, S-Skill, K-Knowledge) for the employees to acclimatize to the dynamic business world.


Mr. Roy Joseph, Vice President - HR, MRF Limited, focused on the essentiality of digital dexterity and emotional well-being. “Upskilling and digital dexterity will outweigh tenure and experience. Staying contemporary is essential. The employees’ emotional well-being will always take centre stage, especially in the hybrid channel. As lines blur in the hybrid world, work-life balance will be even more important.”

All panellists highlighted the importance of mental health, emotional well-being, organization culture, workplace safety, etc., in the hybrid setup as much as in the physical setup.

Quiet Quitting: The Next Phase of Great Resignation:

Industry speakers Mr Nitin Nahata, CHRO at GamesKraft, Dr Seema Gupta (Head HR, Larsen & Toubro - MILCOM), and Mr Viral Mankodi, General Manager HR at Astral Ltd stressed the need to nurture healthy, rewarding, mutually respectful and nontransactional relationships between employers and employees to create a meaningful impact in the workspace and the world at large.

Mr Nitin Nahata, CHRO at GamesKraft, pointed out the need to empower employees. He said, “We all work in ambiguity, and the scope of work keeps changing. It is essential that we correctly articulate the scope and what is expected out of the employee. If the relationship between the employer and employee is purely transactional, the employee will never truly engage and connect with the company.”

Stressing the importance of having conversations, Mr Viral Mankodi, General Manager, HR at Astral Limited, said, “As an employer if you call up an employee, 80% of the problems can be sorted out.”

Dr Seema Gupta (Head HR, Larsen & Toubro - MILCOM) shared her awe-inspiring and tenacious journey of growing up the ranks through sincere efforts, hard work and grit. “Always welcome and accept challenges in your career. Breaking out of your comfort zone is crucial. Let your work and resilience speak for you. Never be a quitter”, she said.

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