As India anticipates an increase in demand for digital products and immersive elevated experiences, MICA, India’s premier B-school for Strategic Marketing and Communication, has launched a module giving a deep dive into Metaverse, Blockchain, NFTs, etc.

The module ‘Business of Emerging Technology Landscape’ will give an overview of Metaverse, Blockchain, NFTs, and Coins & Tokens that will help students understand these new technologies' business implications before entering the industry.

As part of the specialization, second-year students will be able to create their own NFT, create a metaverse using AR/VR, learn how to build an ideal crypto portfolio, learn the kinds of crypto coins, the business of NFT, etc.

Shedding light on the new trends, Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta, President and Director, MICA, said, “Immersive technology is an addition to human experience and has the potential to transform consumer-centric business. We have consciously decided to integrate futuristic technology experience into our curriculum and pedagogy so that students get the required knowledge before they go out and work. Along with the course offered by MEM area, we have also taken the initiative to open a lab focusing on metaverse.”

Dr Githa Heggde, Dean, MICA, said, “MICA’s mission is to develop empathetic leaders and thinkers who are creative and adaptive problem-solvers for a rapidly changing world. The School has constant dialogue with faculty, alumni and industry to follow, evaluate and understand relevant technology and industry trends, thus creating thought leaders who disseminate knowledge not only in the classroom but also to industry leaders through training and seminal publications.”

MICA is also setting up a Meta Lab, which will carry out academic research, publish high-quality research papers, and establish MICA as the leader in academic research in the domain of the metaverse. The Lab shall collaborate with industry/metaverse start-ups who can conduct consumer research to develop a deeper understanding of how metaverse influences consumer decision making and thus business itself in the ever-disruptive ecosystem.”

The course is designed to cultivate an analytical mindset in students to conduct various functions within the area. Using case studies, discussions and best practices of specific organisations, students will develop global and national perspectives to apply learnings to day-to-day business situations.

Prof. Santosh Patra, Head, MEM at MICA, said, “Business School curriculum and pedagogy is all about being industry relevant and ready. More so when the consumer and society are going through techno-disruption. The media and entertainment (M&E) industry has embraced the immersive consumer experience for its thriving business, so it was pertinent for us to integrate immersive technology in our curriculum.”

Prof. Patra adds, “We have eminent speakers from the industry who share their learnings and bring relevance to our classrooms. Recently, a film by Adjunct Faculty Dr Darshan Ashwin Trivedi has become Gujarat’s first film to launch its NFT, and through this, he brings immense knowledge on NFTs to our students.”

MICA Adjunct Faculty Dr Darshan Ashwin Trivedi’s film 'Lakiro' to be the First Gujarati Film to launch NFTs:

'Lakiro' is a relationship-based drama that revolves around a couple and their journey after marriage. Writer and Director of Lakiro, Dr Darshan Ashwin Trivedi, who also teaches Media and Entertainment Management at MICA, says, “Success of films in India is a function of fandom. We saw growth in consumption and patterns of fans sharing content and grabbed this opportunity to tokenize our key creatives. NFT is a buzzword for international content, and I am delighted to give exclusivity to fans within the world of ‘Lakiro’.”

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